Autos Direct OnlineMisrepresentation re Car Purchase


I purchased a 2006 Honda CRV from Autos Direct Online on ebay. 1)I asked specifically about the "excellent condition" because of possible rust, etc. It was not revealed that undercarriage is all rusted (something I couldn't see when picking it up in the snow--they leave all their vehicles outside), antennae is missing and it was in a front end collision. 2) They charged me $300 over ad price on ebay and wanted to hold the refund until after I gave ebay feedback. I needed ebay to get $ back. 3) They asked me what I was offering for compensation for the not-so-excellent condition. They now are saying I have extorted them for positive feedback rather than want $ for repairs. 4) They are messy with paperwork. Wrong purchase price, causing me to have to pay higher taxes. Missing documents. I won't have all the needed documents for registration before the tags expire. Had to get ebay involved to just get the title. I haven't received a response to correcting the paperwork and providing the missing documents but they were quick to leave a negative response to me on ebay before responding to my requests for the paperwork.

They did offer a refund but with all the problems I've had, who would feel comfortable that will run smoothly? Also they are not offering to pay to ship the vehicle back.

Aside from THEM trying to extort ME for positive feedback, all these issues are outside the Ebay Buyer protection. If the dealer were willing to compensate me for the inevitable repairs, I would feel like they were trying to work with me. What I paid for it is a high price given its condition. Their refusals leave me feeling taken advantage of. There are other similar complaints about Autos Direct Online on and Consumer Affairs. Also, ebay "follow up" feedback is not positive, even though this does not affect the overall positive rating that Autos Direct Online receives.


  • Autos Direct Online Mar 09, 2010

    We are never happy when we hear that one of our clients has what they deem to be a negative experience when purchasing one of our vehicles. It is very unfortunate when a difference in opinion results in one party feeling less than satisfied with a transaction. This client in particular physically came to our facility and inspected the vehicle herself, and accepted the vehicle with no hesitation. After getting the vehicle back to the Carolinas, a "mechanic" deemed that the vehicle needed additional repairs that were not recognized by us at time of inspection at our facility. We are always disappointed when one of these "mechanics" attempt to gain monetarily by expressing that the vehicle is not in excellent condition due to parts needed or corrosion, since they are aware that the vehicle originated in Ohio. This is an unfortunate aspect of the automobile industry that needs to be addressed. Our 150 clients per month put their trust in us, and when one of them gets taken advantage of by a "mechanic" trying to prey on their lack of automobile knowledge, it is very disheartening. We maintain a 100% feedback rating selling on eBay due to our extensive descriptions of the vehicles we offer, as well as 50-80 photos of each vehicle. We also encourage third-party independent inspections by companies such as SGS or Carchex, and give each client ample opportunity to inspect the vehicles themselves prior to taking delivery. After much back and forth with this client, she decided to assess a negative feedback rating on our eBay account. We immediately after hearing of this clients' dissatisfaction offered a full return of the vehicle and full refund of all monies spent on the transaction. The client declined the refund, instead opting to receive monies back from us, which made us very uneasy, as the vehicle passed all inspections done locally prior to selling it to this client, and we were confused by the full refund option being declined. After getting eBay involved, it was decided by eBay that the negative feedback was inaccurate and untruthful, and that it should be removed. We are thankful that eBay gives us the opportunity to fight untruths and inaccuracies, especially the ones that stem from an obvious attempt by a "mechanic" to gain monetarily from our clients. We hope that any future clients will use the tools that are given to them when purchasing online, such as independent inspections, and physically inspecting the vehicle themselves PRIOR to making a purchasing decision, not just from us, but any online automobile dealer. Please feel free to visit our website,, and read our 100% feedback rating comments if you are interested in one of our vehicle offerings. -Autos Direct Online

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  • Me
    Meandlevi Mar 30, 2010

    After reading this comment I have to advise people of how Autosdirectonline works!
    We had purchased a Corvette on eBay from Autosdirectonline (Brook Park, OH) and when we received it we were so pleased and impressed that we called Drew Lofgren, a sales associate, to purchase 2 more vehicles. We purchased a Land Rover Discovery and also a Volvo S80 off of their website (not thorough eBay). Both of these vehicles were said to be in excellent condition and no mechanical defects except for a leaky seal on the Land Rover (they were going to fix that issue). We live in NJ so we did not see the cars before hand and since the Corvette was exactly as promised, we TRUSTED them. After we overnighted all of the paperwork it was days before we even heard from Drew on how everything was going and he said that they were waiting on the Range Rover. Then 2 weeks went by and there were no calls and no reply to our messages. Finally, we were told on a Thursday our cars were shipping. Well, Monday came and no call from the transport company. As it turns out the Land Rover started smoking when it was being loaded on Saturday. NO CALLS!!! No one there thought to call and tell us. We had to initiate the calling. When we finally heard from Drew we were informed the Land Rover was not sellable and they were going to “unwind the deal”. (By the way ….this UN sellable car is now listed for sale and listed in EXCELLENT condition!!!) At this point, we messaged Drew and wanted a refund for the Volvo as well because we didn't trust that they were properly checking their vehicles. Drew sent us a message in writing that they couldn't undo the deal because there was nothing wrong with the Volvo. When we finally received the Volvo 2 weeks later, the check engine light was on, and the airbag light was on. This is something I noticed without any mechanical training. I also drove the car down the road and when I went to stop, the car started to shake like it was falling apart. We then contacted Drew and he said to have a diagnostic on the car and when we did it came up that the throttle bearing needed to be replaced, the clock spring in the airbags had problems, and the rotors needed to be replaced. When I contacted Drew with the message of course he said he would talk with the owner Shawn and they would call back. We didn't hear anything for days (5 to be exact); frustrated with the lack of communication during this process, I contacted Shawn personally. When telling him what was wrong with the car the lack of interest seemed to amaze me. He said that the airbag issue and the check engine light have nothing to do with the mechanics of the car and the he would be willing to CONTRIBUTE to the rotor problem. When I explained to him that this car was misrepresented and that the right thing to do is either fix the car or refund the car he said “that’s not happening”. I was so upset to think that the owner of this company talks about integrity, but doesn't care about putting a mother and two babies in a car with the airbags not working. So after
    he hung up on me my husband tried calling back and he did not answer. To this day our phone calls are not being answered .They treat the customers on EBay well for the rating but beware when you do repeat business off of their website.
    The Land Rover was refunded (everything but the shipping). They still have not sent that. The Volvo has over $ 2, 800 in repairs. Some EXCELLENT condition!


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  • Rz
    Rzak Apr 10, 2010

    Drew please respond to this latest accusation on the VOLVO AND THE RANGE ROVER. I have looking at your websites and advising friends to check your site up for deals. But after reading this comments, i am having a second thought now.

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  • Ri
    Rippedoff? Apr 15, 2010

    Car was not as described on ebay as being in excellent condition. A rusted out undercarriage has not been described by anyone but the dealer as being in excellent condition. Instead, a conversation with Drew before making my purchase it was stated, “Aside from a few minor scuffs and scratches, it’s like new.” There IS evidence of at least a minor front end collision (hood of car doesn’t line up). There IS evidence of a missing antennae. There IS evidence that the automatic locks don’t operate all the time, the back door doesn’t stay completely closed, the “check engine” light has come on. Some of these things did not show when I looked at the car.

    Continued dealings with Autos Direct Online revealed a lot more problems in working with this dealership. They did admit to the rust problem but later when in arbitration they referred to it as “so-called rust” like I had made it up. They also keep stating that I had ample opportunity to inspect the car when I got there (after they had my non-refundable $500 deposit). Unlike how they show their cars on the ebay website, these cars are left outside. I could not have seen the rust when picking up the car because it was left out in a foot of snow with about a foot of snow on it, frozen ice on the windshield, frozen windshield fluid (and the gas tank was empty!). Also, I would not have been able on my own to crawl under the vehicle. I had hoped that I could have trusted them and how ebay operates.

    They say they encourage independent inspection but accused an independent mechanic I chose (writing it as “mechanic” like it wasn’t really a mechanic) of preying on me by conjuring up problems he found that the mechanic that they used (not an independent party) did not. So how does one explain the rust I now can plainly see when it’s put up on a lift? Why do they have the need to discredit an expert opinion of something that is obvious to even non experts? How does one explain mechanical problems that, again, a non-expert experiences? These are real problems, not things a “mechanic” conjured up. BTW, SGS will only make a visual inspection (I set up an appointment with them to inspect this vehicle). They would not be putting the car on a lift and so this rust problem would not have been revealed even with using them, nor would any of the mechanical problems.

    Then after Ebay informed me Autos Direct Online had tried to extort positive feedback from me, (which Autos Direct Online wiggled out of by conjuring up a conversation that we didn’t have as an excuse) the dealer turned around and accused me of the same because I asked for some compensation for their misrepresentation of the condition of the car. They also are repeatedly saying that I refused to return the car for a full refund. I have emails to them that prove the contrary. I asked for compensation on the price in lieu of returning the car because of the huge inconvenience of returning the car, the added expense (they were not going to pay for its shipment) and I didn’t have title to the car so they could have ended up with my money, the car and ownership of the car and I would have had nothing. Seeing how they dealt with other issues, there was doubt in my mind they would have refunded my money without any additional hitches. I have all the conversations in writing. It’s not from faulty memory or misunderstanding of what was said that I report my encounters with Autos Direct Online.

    And about positive feedback on ebay… It’s 100% positive because follow up negative feedback doesn’t change the rating. It requires reading ALL of the feedback to see that other people on ebay have reported some similar problems with Autos Direct Online. They are also quick to bring the issue of leaving negative feedback into arbitration. It ended up my word against theirs (of which they, like here, have made incorrect statements about my experience) and I was not allowed to provide any evidence from independent parties or any of the email correspondence to back up what actually transpired.

    It's also curious as to why so many people in last few months are reporting problems in dealing with Autos Direct Online. These can easily be found with a quick search on the internet at various sites, including

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  • Nl
    nludy Apr 22, 2010

    I was browsing around the dealership forums and came across this site. I have purchased two cars from Autos Direct Online in Brookpark, OH and have no complaints with the cars or the service. I purchased both cars through them on Ebay. The purchases went smoothly and the cars were in excellent condition as described. The sales staff was friendly and honest. I guess you can't please everyone. I would buy my next vehicle through them.

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  • Be
    beemer55 May 04, 2010

    It's too bad these guys have no ethics. I bought a car from autosdirectonline off their EBAY site last year. The car was also described as in excellent mechanical condition with less than average wear. The car that was shipped to me was a complete rust bucket needing over $2500 in obvious mechanical repairs. I complained they said too bad for you. If I had seen these complaints I probably would not have done the deal. So if you see this and you are thinking of buying from these guys because you can save a pile of money think twice!
    I have since sold the p.o.s. at a $3500 LOSS.

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  • Do
    dotherightthingok Aug 11, 2010

    Thank you all who posted our experiences in doing business with The rebuttal from autosdirect speaks for itself. The person who wrote it makes assumptions concerning the diagnosis of the Honda frame, and so on.

    People who sell cars should realize that many times they are helping someone's dream come true. Not to mention that typically one person buys several cars over a period of time and word of mouth has always been the best advertisement. And, if you wouldn't sell to someone you love, don't sell it.

    I found these posts when planning on searching for a Mercedes ML350 to buy for the first time on autosdirect. It'll be my third one. I'll have to find it somewhere other than autosdirect. Too much at risk. Thanks again.

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  • Ho
    Honest John Aug 15, 2010

    These people at Autos Direct Online are running nothing more than a scam. It all starts with creating an illusion of being a honest consumer friendly seller. But that's all it is. AN ILLUSION! After you take the bait the rest of their buying process (listed on their web site) is all against you as a buyer. $500 non refundable deposit (Paypal buyer protection does not cover non refundable deposits) Next they ask for the buyer info including a copy of your drivers license. (They could also being running a back ground on you ). After they process your buyer information they send you the rest of the paperwork. My paperwork on my Ebay purchase included a very nice AS-IS clause on the invoice that I'm suppose to sign. This clause said they were not responsable to even have the right model or year of vehicle and releaved them of everything they said up to the point of me signing it. (Who knows want you just bought). My Ebay purchase was discribed as in excellant overall condition. What I actually found was something you would of seen Jay Leno or Dave Letterman making jokes about on late night TV. THANK GOD I BROUGHT THE PAPERWORK WITH ME AND A CERTIFIED CHECK! Now I see they list in their buying process they want the paperwork back and all funds to clear your bank before they will release the vehicle. They are also going to want your SS number and a signed power of attorney to do the title work on your behalf. This leaves me to wounder if they actually have a lien free title available.
    After I saw my excellent vehicle and declined, the very first thing they did was offer to give me my deposit back if I would go into their offce and leave them positive Ebay feedback ( now you see where some of that so called positive feedback comes from). I did not! And posted the following negative feedback (Before doing business! Google them and check complaints at Ohio Attorney G). They have been through this before and had a company called Netneutrals involved very quickly to try to get this removed. Netneutrals ruled that the feedback should remain. Now that feedback remained on their Ebay page for over 30 days and then just vanished. I don't know what they did, but Ebay told me they had to remove it because I used the word Google. I would also not be allowed to reword it. So remember its an ILLUSION, just read their buying process and think about it!

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  • Ma
    mark43 Sep 23, 2010

    i bought an mercedes benz sl500 from them no more than 6 months ago and have now accumulated over $7000 in repairs since. There has been no return correspondence from them since my email. I am now getting lawyers involved and am willing to take this as far as I can.

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  • Ri
    Rippedoff? Sep 23, 2010

    It's interesting that there are all these complaints (and very likely more that haven't been posted) and, yet Autos Direct has a 100% positive rating on Ebay. After my experience with Ebay, I realize that it's possible to manipulate ratings so now I know that Ebay ratings are meaningless. If you're a seller of a major item (like an automobile) and you sell enough of them, it is in Ebay's best interest to protect you, the seller, rather than the consumer. When looking at Ebay ratings it's important to look at follow up ratings. If the seller presses the customer to give feedback right away (as Autos Direct attempts to do), the feedback may initially be positive. Later when the repairs are needed and other problems crop up, there's an option to leave negative follow-up feedback. However, notice that the negative feedback is not calculated into the overall rating so the 100% positive rating stays intact even though that is not a true reflection of what people have reported. This is true for Autos Direct.

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  • Jo
    John Mallernee Nov 11, 2010

    I recently purchased a 2002 Lexus RX300 from these crooks.Driving the 550 miles from their facility to my home in Nashville, TN. I find that the engine had consumed almost 4 qts. of oil.I never contacted them because when you've been had, well, you've been had.Today I find out that my Lexus in "excellent condition" needs a new engine.Don't be the fool I have been, DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THESE CON ARTISTS.

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  • Bu
    bulldog83 Jan 21, 2012

    I purchased a 02 odyssey van, saw on ebay in October, they said it had been thoroughly checked out and was in great condition only 58m miles. I asked Juan to make sure and check out the teansmission which he said he did. When it arrived the transmission was bad and did not last 2 weeks. AUTOS DIRECT ONLINE WOULD GIVE NO HELP AT ALL. I WAS HAD. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

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  • Ab
    A Brown Apr 29, 2012

    I called autos direct online after speaking to one of the salesmen I submitted a application online with them! After I received a e-mail saying someone will contact me I called the next day they gave me a phone # to the credit manager who never returned my call. Then a few days later I see the car has a pending sale so I think they have me down to purchase this vehicle but after 5 days and no call I call again and they give me another # to call they don't return my call I did get 2 calls as someone dialed my # but just talking in the back ground. I say the have a very poor customer service a waste of time and hope of getting the car I wanted. I would never recommend anyone or use them for any car purchase in the future.

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  • Ag
    AgainstScamz Jun 15, 2012

    It is illegal for a licensed dealer to keep a deposit in Ohio. File a complaint with the Ohio Attorney Generals Office:
    You can also look up the numerous complaints filed with this office.
    Also, the Ohio DMV who they are licensed through:
    and the BBB (Better Business Bureau), who rates this company as an "F" :
    E-bay might be able to "hide" unscrupulous car dealers but they cannot hide from the law here in Ohio.

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  • Ay
    AY123 Jan 23, 2013

    I recently purchased a 2003 BMW 5 series from Autos Direct Online because the car appeared to be in excellent cosmetic condition and had low mileage.
    Before I was able to test drive the vehicle, the car wouldn’t start because the battery was dead. This is understandable if the vehicle has been sitting for a while. After someone from the dealership jump started the car, during the test drive, I noticed the ride became very bumpy at highway speeds (55-65 mph). I was concerned that this might be a mechanical problem, but the dealer insisted that the tires just needed to be balanced. He said that the battery would definitely need to be replaced too, because he didn’t want me to become stranded when I drove car back home and he would pay for both services. I asked what kind of battery he would use, because I prefer OEM parts as opposed to aftermarket ones. He said that he would supply a battery that fits, one from Advance Auto Parts, for example, because “A battery is a battery, whether it’s Duracell or Energizer.” Because he offered to fix these two issues, I decided to go ahead and purchase the vehicle.
    At that point, I tried to negotiate the price, but he said, “C’mon, we are throwing in a new battery and tire balancing for free” and that he only made like $2000 per car. I still accepted the offer and drove the car home a few hundred miles with no problems.
    A few days later, the car wouldn’t start; the battery was completely dead. I opened the trunk to check the battery and was surprised to find the white, Exide OEM BMW battery. At this point, I thought, maybe there was a misunderstanding and maybe the dealer or mechanic forgot to replace the battery. I contacted the dealer via email and called him the next day. He said he would reply to my email later that day and look into this. That email never came.
    I tried calling him, but he wouldn’t answer my calls or voicemails. He wouldn’t respond to my second email, with photographic evidence showing the original battery and the reading that it was bad. I even tried contacted Autos Direct Online through their online chat feature. As soon as I brought up the issue I was having, the representative with whom I was chatting with did not respond.
    I would also like to add that their website is filled with inaccurate statements. For example, their “About Us” page says all their vehicles are stored in a climate-controlled and secure 10, 000 square-foot warehouse until sold. This is completely false; I found all their vehicles in an outdoor parking lot covered under half a foot of snow. The website claims that they include an “accurate, forthright representation of that particular vehicle in our descriptions, including any defects or flaws.” The car I purchased had a defective trunk latch (unable to open trunk from inside the vehicle or using the key fob). It says all their vehicles are inspected by an independent, certified technician. If this were true, then the technician did not run a battery test or certainly would have caught this issue before the car were sold. Finally, the website states that all vehicles are driven by Autos Direct Online as a quality control measure. Either no one bothered to test drive the vehicle on the highway or the standards for test driving the vehicle don’t include highway speeds.
    The bottom line is that this is a dishonest dealer that only cares about profit margin (he said it himself when he said they only make like $2000 per car). There were multiple instances in which the dealer assured me that the battery had been replaced, but he cannot even confirm this with a work order or invoice, and in addition, refuses to respond to my inquiries. I know the dealership is probably going to respond with a statement saying something along the lines of we satisfy X amount of customers per month and can’t satisfy everyone. This does not excuse them from mistreating a few select customers. I can understand quirks of buying a used vehicle (the dealer said “You’re getting a used car, bro, ” in response to me having to replace the wiper blades), but when the dealer flat out lies in front of my face, this is truly unacceptable. I don’t know any kind of business where this would be an acceptable business practice.
    P.S. It took them almost four weeks to mail me the title to the vehicle, which was barely enough time to register it in my state before the temporary plate expired.

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