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AusPCMarket Australia / Thinkcore Systems complaints 5

12:11 am EST

AusPCMarket Australia / Thinkcore Systems Asus simpro dock 2 multiport docking station

On the 29th of November 2023 I placed an order for a Asus SimPro Dock 2 Multiport Docking Station and paid through PayPal.

I received conformation of this order and since then I have received no further correspondence. I have sent multiple emails and have also tried to contact them through their web page multiple times over the last 4 days.

There phone number keeps to sending you to an internal message directing yoo to send an email that they will respond to within 30 mins. A response is never received.

Claimed loss: $272.00

Desired outcome: Item to be sent or refund the full amount.

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12:03 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

AusPCMarket Australia / Thinkcore Systems My order did not go through

Ordered during the day between January 21-23

I paid and it took my money and I thought it ordered because it said the order was successful but then I recently checked my mail and I received an email saying the order was waiting for me, so then I thought maybe I didn't order it yet by accident but when I tried to pay for it the order would not go through.

I am disgusted!

Desired outcome: please send me the cpu 11400f that I ordered for $209(the cost without shipping).

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Update by Elias Sassine
Jan 26, 2023 12:15 pm EST

sorry this was an accident card was freezed.

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11:31 pm EDT

AusPCMarket Australia / Thinkcore Systems Returns Service

Besides the fast shipping, my experience with AusPCMarket was terrible. It all started with a product description that made the item appear to be what I wanted (i.e. a hard disk enclosure I could connect via USB). The price was OK (not the best or worst) so I ordered it and it arrived quickly (1 star for that). As soon as it arrived and I took it out of the packing I knew immediately it was wrong because of what was on the outside of the box. I immediately contacted AusPCMarket and asked if I could swap the product over for something else to meet my needs. The email back only cared about if the product had been opened and they immediately told me it was a "change of mind" and there was no help offered to get me what I needed. I wrote back to them saying it wasn't opened and again asking for their help to get the correct product for my needs. What came back from AusPCMarket was a reiteration that the product must be still originally sealed, an address to send the product to, an RA number and advice that I would be charged 15% for "change of mind". Also included in their email was a link to a product which would have met my needs but it was not available for purchase. Although I now knew it to be in vain, I sent AusPCMarket a photo of the product still unopened and explained why I bought that product based on their website's product description and asked for their help with return shipping. AusPCMarket wrote back telling me that they operate on extremely small margins and wouldn't give me free return shipping (which I didn't ask for). They also directed me to the 3rd image on their website product description and pointed out that the connections weren't the ones I wanted. They made an excuse that the alternate product was in stock when they sent me the link (2:10pm) but was now out of stock (2:34pm). Yet again, they told me it was a "change of mind" return. Now realising that I was dealing with people who were not in the slightest bit interested in helping me, I sent an email correcting their assertion that I wanted free shipping, agreeing that close inspection of the 3rd image on their website was required to know if the product was correct and I would send the product back as soon as possible. A few days later I posted the item back and got a tracking link. A few more days later it was delivered to AusPCMarket (as per the tracking) and I sent them an email advising it had been delivered to them and I would like my refund within the next 2-3 days. After waiting 4 days with no response or refund, I raised a case with PayPal and got my refund within 24 hours. This is the 2nd (and last) time I purchased from AusPCMarket. The first time the product was what I needed so no issues however they say you learn what companies are like to deal with when things go wrong. I learnt that AusPCMarket are nasty, unhelpful, arrogant and misleading. They only care about money and they seem to think their customers are only out to get something for free. I doubt they were telling the truth about the alternative product going out of stock in the 24 minutes between their emails. I checked their website today (whilst writing this review) and the description of this product is unchanged and still misleading. No mention that the device doesn't support USB and still claims to support Mac. Why can't they just put what is on the outside of the box on their website? I'll never be using AusPCMarket again and I suggest that others do the same (unless you only care about fast shipping).

Desired outcome: Sharing a negative experience only

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4:57 am EDT

AusPCMarket Australia / Thinkcore Systems fraud, unethical, item never received

to explain what exactly happened,

On march 3rd I tried to make a purchase thorough the website,
For an item a screw that cost no more then 7.60$ then with the shipping fee the total price was 26.62$ total price with handle fee and shipping charge, that was after I filled up the full information of shipping, and since I use paypal from 2008 I always trusted their way and security, so I made the choice to pay through paypal, then I went to paypal screen for check out and total price, the total was 26.62$ so I clicked yet, and then it took me back to the original website to confirm everything, then I clicked confirm, and suddenly the price changed from 26.62$ to 11, 026.62$ and my card was charged, and I got sms on my phone that I was charged this amount, i was totally shocked, and immediately I called my bank phone service, and reported, then the support person stoped my credit card, then filled up my compline, then i contacted PAYPAL and reported the situation.

Then i contacted the seller, and he explained to me the order was canceled and the orders statues in the website is marked as canceled, I have screen shot of that, and then seller said he never got the money, " you have the email that i forward to you as prove"

Then after paypal refused to fix the problem, i had to call USA phone call with paypal to explain the situation, the support person who answered me was shocked, and said this is totally wrong, i will make paypal fix it, and then they opened the case again for me and they said they will fix it,

They said after 9 they will wait for seller reply and then i will get my money back

After 11 days, nothing happened, and i got reply from my paypal that again my case is closed and the money is given to the seller, you have the reply from them that i sent, only way to fix this is the seller refund me.

So i contacted the seller again and told him about the situation, he accused me of being fraud and saying nonsense things, and in the end he said he don't have my money, and he did not ship anything to me, so i told him thank you,

and then called USA paypal again and explained it to another support person who answered me, which they said this is really weird and never happened before, and as a loyal customer of paypal we even opened the case twice which is very rare to happen, for investigation, and yet this,
They showed signs of doubt and not understanding of what is going on,

And they said they will personally look into this, as its not normal, and call me Monday 2/April /2018 and until now nothing happened,

Form the start this was scam, and i was tricked after i got the conformation of the total price the price switched to something else, and please take a look at it, how come a small 7.60$ item, will cost 11, 026.62$ as total fee in the end? Something is not right, and i ask you please to kindly take action and help me with this

Thank you so much for understanding and support,

The seller keep telling every review site, that its fake and I never bought from him, . I have messages from websites like resellerrating And so on as proof.

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, US
Sep 02, 2020 10:50 pm EDT

This person is full of crap. It's pretty clear that he isn't from the US with how he has written the above complaint. AusPCMarket are a reputable seller here in Sydney and very responsive and organised. He looks like a total scammer and is using this "review" as a way to retaliate against the retailer for calling this person out.

4:16 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

AusPCMarket Australia / Thinkcore Systems Bad service

These guys are geat - one of the few that actually shos if stuff is in stock or not. I ordered on the weekend and they shipped my order Monday morning - got an email confirming order, and another for shipping with the courier details. I got the parcel later that day since I live in the same city.

Their site lets me check the status of the order, and I could add to the order after placing it to get a free screwdriver.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sydney, AU
Apr 15, 2011 8:14 am EDT

Thats not my experience.

I ordered over $500 worth of kit. They got back to me to say that several items were not in stock (even though the website said they were in stock). We substituted other items for the out of stock ones.

One of the items - a $106 seagate 500Gb hard drive - was DOA.

After a lot of discussion with AusPC and several hours running tests which all failed, they granted me an RA number. However, if you read the conditions of the RA system, you are opening yourself to all kinds of charges if you use it. I chose to throw the drive in the bin rather than spending money on registered post with a chance that AusPC will then charge you additional fees and return the faulty unit to you anyway.

In short, don't use AusPC because their returns policy sucks.

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