AUL Corporation / Associates Underwriting Limitedrefusal auto warranty — non payments

Ri Oct 04, 2019

Has anyone of these many complaints including mine, started a class action suit against AUL? There seems to be plenty of fraud and theft in this companies' actions, on top of looking like there might have been some hidden kickbacks to sell these supposed warranties. Please post on this site if so. October 4th, 2019 We sold our house in Lebanon, Mo and were moving to Virginia in June, 2019. When we got to West Virginia we had to use the turnpike, about just exiting the second toll booth, or car quit running. My wife had just had a recent stroke and here we sit at the right side of the road. After calling aul for towing service, we waited and waited till the State police said no tow companies but theirs could come on the toll road. so we waited some more, thank heaven their tow truck came and he and a fellow who was following him got us to the FORD dealer MOUNTAINEER FORD in Beckley WV Final story, we are not only out $1500 for the purchase of the warranty, but also over $800 for repairs, hotel and rental car. Lets close this con game.

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