Asurionfiling a claim/ service

Y Aug 02, 2018

Hello, on 7/20/18 i opened a claim in regards of my stolen iphone. i first called AT&T and they suspended the line and told me to call asurion to open and file the claim so i did. i spoke to one of your reps the first time i called and they emailed me over some documents for me to print out, sign and send back to finish filing the claim. i followed the instructions and sent the signed documents & attached my id on the asurion website around july 22nd. since then i never recieved a phone call nor an email. i have been following up since monday 07/30 to ask if the claim is being accepted and what is going to happen from here. however on monday when i called asurion i spoke to a guy and he said the claim was denied because i had added insurance the same day (monday 07/30) i was very confused b/c i have been having insurance on all my lines ever since i first got and added these phones. the rep tells me to call AT&T to confirm my plan and coverages. i called AT&T and the rep there told me i did have insurance and that she was gonna leave a note on the system. the rep from AT&T then said follow up with asurion again and they can help you out now. i call asurion back yesterday (wed 08/01) and the lady from asurion told me she didnt see any note and she said i dont have insurance. i have been left on hold for so long and i only have a 30 minute lunch. again the rep from asurion told me to follow up with AT&T AGAIN. so i did today 08/02 and the rep from AT&T told me again that i DO have coverage for my phones. i wasnt able to finish the call b/c i had to come back to work. im HIGHLY upset with the service with BOTH AT&T and ASURION. i did as told by sending back documents and following up but im getting really bad service in return. i have been without a phone for 15 days now and IM the one following up with the claim. i need to know what is going on.

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