Ashley Furniture Industrieswarranty not honored

T Jul 23, 2019

I just submitted a claim to have a rip repaired on my couch seat cushion. I submitted the required photos and knew the damage was covered by the warranty. I just got off the phone with the Claim Agent who said that THEY determined that the year I really a HOLE and is not covered. I explained to her I that made the rear with my shoes from sitting on My couch with my feet/shoes on it. She argued with me for approximately 15 minutes about the definition of tear, rip, ho!e...I am stunned by this behavior. We have been good and loyal Ashley Furniture customers for many, many years and have never had a problem with a claim through the additional purchase warranty package. We will NEVER purchase furniture through Say let's again. They might want to check into this independent "customer care" service with whom they have contracted. It is a waste of money and false promises. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER.

  • Updated by Terrietjordan · Jul 23, 2019

    They denied the Claim based on a photograph. End of story. Case closed. No second chance to resubmit photographic evidence. Customer care agent argued with me over the definition of the words hole, tear, rip, seam, fray...I explained to her how the damage occurred but she would not listen to logic and reason. Very rude, disrespectful, and acted like the repair would have to come out of her own pocket. WASTE OF MONEY. DISHONEST. SCAM

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