Asdamoney exchange


Today 23.10.17 around 5:20 pm i went to asda store located at St Pauls Rd, Bournemouth BH8 8DL, i went to travel money to exchange some euros for pounds, the gentleman name Lewis was on the phone, i didn't even had chance to ask anything when he shout to me, yes shout to me that it will take 5 minutes and he is busy and i need to wait ! i said ok 5 min i can wait (i was on me way to work) it was important for me as i needed some money and i had only euros on me, after standing there for around 35 minutes the person didn't try to make eye contact didn't even try to apologies for such a long time of waiting, as i clearly heard i could tell he didn't talk with a customer as constantly he was repeating ; mate, mate, mate... i am calm person and i never complaint but this was outrages, he ignored me completely after i asked how long it will take he shout on me again he do not know ! and i should go somewhere else etc, i asked to speak with the manager and i get reply he is the manager and what i am going to do, dear lord i work in hospitality for 20 years and i have never seen behaviour like that, is that the way you treat people these days ? this is unacceptable ! after i said that he could've been told at the beginning that he's got difficult client and it might take a while, so i would went elsewhere to change my money, i must say i have never experienced such a rude person, i tried to call your shop number but no one reply, im hoping to get apologies from that young man i will publish my complaint as i believe today i can get better customer service and being treated like a dush.

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