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Armstrong Complaints & Reviews

Bruce Hardwood Flooring / the floor is coming up

debbiedan on Oct 22, 2017
In February of 2017 I had Bruce Hardwood Floor professionally installed in my home I purchased the flooring at Home Depot and they recommended one of their installers. About six weeks ago, I noticed the floor was starting to buckle up first in one spot now in several spots the entire first...

Bruce Hardwood Flooring / Hand Scraped Oak Flint

LoveMyHome on May 31, 2016
Purchased special order from Home Depot of 5 " wide 3/4 thick solid wood vintage oak flint 1000 sq ft. Bruce American Vintage Handscraped collection. Installer with 30 yrs of experience advised of poor quality of flooring. Floors have holes from knots, marked by red markers, different...

Armstrong / Laminate Flooring Very uneven edges

Jackie Moody on May 12, 2016
In 2014, we had all of our carpet removed and Armstrong laminate flooring installed. In a few months, we noticed that some of the edges at the seams were coming up or moving excessively when walked on. One corner was sticking up so high it snagged my sock when I walked across it. You could...

Bruce Flooring / Acacia Flooring by Armstrong

Reviewer93407 on Jan 18, 2016
Thank you for submitting a Review! Thank you for submitting the following review of a Bruce wood_floor: The flooring was delivered with slices in many of the planks. It looks as though what ever cuts the wood or finishes the wood had an issue. It is known to be a very hardwood. The floor...

Armstrong / Plank floor salsa maple

Pcincotta on Oct 26, 2015
Defective batch of flooring, 25 boxes, warping, curling, unevenness, used over 100 boxes of this product, this batch must have had wrong moisture control at mill. Would like adjustment, in labor/ cost, it is installed, have photos, experts say install is AOK.

Armstrong / Bad fit for residential houses in India

rajankvn on Jul 20, 2015
We were sold Armstrong wooden laminate flooring with 30 year warranty. We were told that we could mop the floor periodically and nothing would happen. Today, accidentally, a bucket of water fell on the floor. We mopped the whole water within 15 minutes of the incident. Within 30 minutes of...

Bruce Flooring / Flooring delaminating

Bruce Flooring on Aug 3, 2013
I bought 1040 sq ft of Bruce engineered wood flooring with a 25 year warranty. After 12 years the flooring is falling apart--even the two extra boxes that have been stored and never installed. The BPI sales rep and regional manager performed an on-site inspection and took flooring sample...

Bruce Hardwood Flooring / This issue would not have been resolved

Jeanne on Nov 23, 2011
In July 1998, we purchased Bruce Traffic Zone Laminate flooring (in a light Maple color) for our kitchen/dining room. Last October (2002) we noticed that the flooring was turning green where the sun shown on it. We had kept a box from the flooring along with our receipt that showed that...

Bruce Flooring / Exotic Walnut Laminate Flooring

B Booker on Aug 31, 2011
My husband and I purchased Bruce Flooring Exotic Walnut Laminate for 6 rooms/halls in our home, and installed it ourselves. We loved the flooring for the first year. Now, only 3 years after installation, the floor looks horrific. We are careful to use only the recommended cleaning...

Bruce Hardwood Flooring / Bad Fumes from flooring

Markh3842 on May 23, 2011
I bought and installed Bruce pre-finished hardwood solid oak flooring. This product was bought a Home Depot about two years ago. The first year the smell was expected since it was new, now after two years we both are now getting headaches and have to leave the windows open all the time...

Armstrong World Industries / Terrible service

After 2 weeks of installation, my flooring began to show problems of cracking. Later a piece of wood came up (chunking). Another piece came up last Oct. '08. 2 different independent third party people came out to inspect the floor. Both reports were inaccurate. Upon inspection & claim...

Armstrong laminate flooring / Poor customer service

Armstrong Flooring will not honor manufacturer warranty on a defective laminate flooring product. Said product was actually discontinued due to known defects. A Local Carpet One franchise was hired to install an Armstrong laminate hardwood floor in 2001. The floor was designed to be...

Armstrong/Bruce Flooring / Warranty

Company refuses to stand behind the Warranty on bad wood. I have not heard from them at all directly and they will not send a company representative to inspect the flooring even though I have had a 3rd party inspection, per their reprentives instruction, they reported it was faulty wood.

Bruce Hardwood Flooring / Substandard flooring - flaking like scabbies!

After Hurricane Katrina, I had to purchase new flooring for my home which was severely damaged in the storm. I bought four room of Bruce Hardwood flooring [not cheap]. It was installed and now it is flaking like scabbies. There are brown dots, they spread like chicken pocks, the wood...

Bruce Hardwood Flooring / They did not want to honor the warranty

In July 1998, we purchased Bruce Traffic Zone Laminate flooring (in a light Maple color) for our kitchen/dining room. Last October (2002) we noticed that the flooring was turning green where the sun shown on it. We had kept a box from the flooring along with our receipt that showed that...

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