Arizona Tenants Advocates Complaints & Reviews

Arizona Tenants Advocates / Buyer Beware!

Apr 10, 2015

Arizona Tenants Advocates is a fraud. The owner of ATA is a stoner dude who likes to pretends that he is a "professional". He is named Ken Volk. When you meet him, ask yourself, "Is this guy a psychopath? Does Ken Volk know the difference betwen honesty and dishonesty?" I met this crack pot...

Arizona Tenants Advocates / scam, thief, liar, tries to intimidate and blame you

Jun 18, 2012

Ken Volk is a con artist. He insists on being paid up front and then does absolutely nothing all the while telling you that you did 500 different things wrong. He does not give back your money. He tries to intimidate you with having you arrested, or if I bring anyone with me having them...