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Arizona Tenants Advocatesscam, thief, liar, tries to intimidate and blame you

Ken Volk is a con artist. He insists on being paid up front and then does absolutely nothing all the while telling you that you did 500 different things wrong. He does not give back your money. He tries to intimidate you with having you arrested, or if I bring anyone with me having them arrested. "you are the client anyone else is trespassing and I demand you come alone" He is a pervert and does not pay his employees. He is a drunk and coke addict. He is disgustingly unethical and takes advantage of people. He should be thrown in jail.

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  • Ka
    katsrecords Sep 24, 2012

    I am also a client of the ATA and honestly if I didn't comply with what was asked of me then I would be stuck in the horrible place that I was renting from. I did what was asked and had nothing to complain about after dealing with the company. They helped me with a payment arrangement. They helped me with finding a process server. They even dealt with me after hours and on weekends to make sure that my case was taken care of. I am glad that I found this company and I am not even in Tempe, Arizona. I couldn't go in a deal with them but I wish I could of that way I could see the people that helped me out so much. They actually really do help you get out of the situation that you are in and I am glad that they do. :)

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  • Ca
    caseworker Oct 10, 2012

    The power of unsubstantiated negativity and destruction extends too far over the Internet. I am a caseworker at Arizona Tenants Advocates. So I have looked over your file and know who you are, Christine. Nothing that you say reflects what actually happened. The problem was solely that you refused to come into the office for appointments to produce the paperwork, when you knew from the beginning that letters are done in the office – and that is what you agreed to when you signed up. You made every excuse in the book, including your bird being injured, schoolwork, being too busy, being too tired, the cost of fuel, a funeral, no car, and being broke. Yet my boss tried to accommodate you time and again, offering to meet you on short notice, after hours, and even on a Sunday. You only lived a 20-minute drive away, and could have taken a taxi or even public transportation. When you ran out of excuses, then you went on the attack, accusing my boss of being demeaning, condescending, disgusting, offensive, abusive, a liar, a scam artist, in breach of contract, and uncooperative. This was all your terminology. But none of it is true, as the record shows he was a gentleman and businesslike at every turn. It is you who is unstable. You threatened my boss by contacting “all agencies possible, ” to sue him, and with arrest and prosecution. You wanted to bring an attorney to his office, which my boss refused to allow, which is understandable. Now, in your complaint you are calling him a pervert, drunk and coke addict, but I can tell you from my own observation - and every indication of his life that I have seen - that this also is untrue. Christine, you are an angry person who does not follow the rules and then blames others for your failures. A person like you should be prevented from hurting innocent people who have only tried to help you. If anyone owes anything, it is you who owes my boss an apology for all your false accusations. My guess is that, unfortunately, there is a long line of people you should apologize to. Probably the only reason you get away with your ugly tactics is that a libel lawsuit against you would be futile, because you have you no money to collect on a court award judgment.

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  • Ca
    caseworker2 Nov 29, 2012

    I am the Sandra the caseworker in the above comment but I cannot recall the email I used so I can delete the comment. So now I am caseworker 2. I lied I did not look at the file. I was asked to repost this after the former employee deleted it. I could of looked at the file but I was to busy working my ### off. For now this is what I have to say and more will be revealed. I do suspect their is some truth to the comment. Many tenants are to busy to do the necessary work for a successful case. Many clients become intimidated by legal letters on their door and some of them out of fear cancel while in the break lease process. Some demand their money back even though they changed their minds. The other fearful ones just eat the cost and remain. Landlords especially wicked female apartment managers do cause a lot of harm to their vulnerable residents. I heard stories all day while answering the phone. ATA does help tenants. Unfortunately, the ones who can pay the fees get the most help. My complaint is My Boss over the past couple of months has failed to pay me on time as well as he owes me 3 weeks of back pay. Its a shame that paying employees is not as important as cool bike parts, records, or video tapes. I'm sure I will have to battle to get what is owed to me. I will probably have to picket outside his house to get his attention. Lord knows suing him in court is futile. I would rather let the public know what he did to me.


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  • Sa
    Sandra's Boss Dec 08, 2012

    I am the Boss, Ken. Sandra had a lot of challenges on the job, and it was difficult for her to stay focused. I placed Christine's file right in front of her, and suggested that she look it over. It was not the type of situation that required I micro-manage her every movement - I was not going to look over her shoulder to check on what she chose to view or not to view. As for wages, she was paid weekly with skipping a single paycheck. At most she would only be a few days behind, and was okay with that until the very end when her attitude abruptly shifted. She was NEVER owed 3 weeks of pay. Sandra was delusional about this, despite our going over the details more than once, and walked off the job without warning. In fact, after that I had a paycheck waiting for her in the office, and she did not come to pick it up for days. Below is a chronology of email communications between us that supports what I have written.
    * On 12/6/2012 12:26 PM, Sandra wrote:
    I will be there Friday at 5 pm to pickup my last pay.
    * On 12/6/2012 8:06 PM, Ken wrote:
    I have funds for last week's paycheck, which is $390.80, and will try to have the final one tomorrow too, if it arrives. Otherwise, the final would be Monday. I estimate the final will be about $300.00. Please take back your personal property, too. If you give me a list, I will gather it for you so it is ready when you arrive.
    * On 12/6/2012 8:21 PM, Sandra wrote:
    so I owe about 80 in late charges and you don't have all the money. Do you know that not having money to pay employees is against the law? ARS 23-201. I am going to have to try to borrow money so I will not be evicted. I decided not to picket you when you need to make money to pay me. I don't have things there, except my planner? Horrible and after all the hard work I did for you. You continue to screw me over.
    * On 12/6/2012 9:01 PM, Ken wrote:
    You screwed me by going bipolar and walking off the job, leaving me with no help and the resulting financial consequences. You made all sorts of aggressive accusations, accepting no responsibility for the situation. You left me scrambling and having to recover from the damage wrought. According to you, once you are on a rampage everyone else is to blame, and you alienate by your aggression. In a twinkling you went from being helpful and devoted on the job, to a vengeful terror. All based on groundless accusations that you had been shorted past paychecks, which we had previously resolved but somehow you could not be persuaded by facts. You had no reason to think I would not pay you. Had you stuck around I might have been a day or two late paying you, and that would have been all.
    Despite your attitudes and actions I am doing my best to pay you every penny owed as quick as possible, and in good faith trying to return your personal property. Given the circumstances, it has been a tremendous effort to amass the funds to pay you. I am even going out of my way, at extra expense, to try to have your final paycheck here tomorrow too. No doubt you'll find a way to cast blame for that, too.
    If you will alight your vendetta, you would have regret and shame for having destroyed a good working relationship. You need to examine if this a pattern in your life, but at this point I just want you out of mine.

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  • Sa
    Sandra's Boss Dec 09, 2012

    As for wages, she was paid weekly with skipping a single paycheck.
    As for wages, she was paid weekly without skipping a single paycheck.

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  • Mo
    MONIQUE8484 Oct 21, 2014

    I have had the worst experience with Arizona Tenants Advocates & Association. I met with Ken in March and spent about 8 hours at his hours discussing my situation & how to resolve it. I was a few weeks away from moving out of town and trying to resolve this matter before I left. I paid Ken almost $1000k to remedy a lease break in which I never had accessibility to the unit documented in my lease agreement. Ken advised met that he would be handling everything for me. I spent another 6-8 hours at his house discussing my matter and other personal inquires which had nothing to do with my case. Ken made it very apparent that what he needed to discuss with me could not be done over the phone and I needed to sit at his house for hours while he researched and created letters to break my lease...

    In the midst of this letter writing session Ken hit on me several times and spent more time attempting to become personal rather than do his job. In August my mother received a call from a collections agency regarding a collections balance they were attempting to obtain for the apartment in which I paid Ken to break the lease on. I called Ken for a week and was told that he was busy and would get back to me which he did week’s later and sent more unnecessary letters out.

    As of last week I have been sent to collections and now have this debt on my credit. I have never had anything negative on my credit until now. I contacted Ken several times and have been told that he is busy and with clients. I think my situation should take some sort of precedence as Ken has already been paid and I am not in collections. Ken said if he needed to go to court or needed to handle this matter further that is what his agency does and what my $1000k paid for.

    Now that I am in collections, all I can say is NEVER do business with him. You may as well pay what you owe and keep your credit and everything else together as Arizona Tenants Advocates & Association will not do anything about it.

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  • Ar
    arland ser Apr 09, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The complaint is correct. Arizona Tenants Advocates is a complete SCAM. The owner is named Kenneth Volk. He is a chronic lawbreaker and a con man.

    Go to google and search "Maricopa Judicial"

    When the website for Superior Court comes up choose the "I am a litigant link

    Use the search by name search field. Enter "Kenneth Volk"

    Search both civil, family law, and criminal cases

    Mr. Volk is a complete con artist who gets sued constantly, but simply doesn't pay when he loses in court. He spends thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to avoid going to jail for not paying his child support, but then doesn't pay his bills. In 2002, he was indicted for Tampering with a State Government Database.

    "Arizona Tenants Advocates" is just a front to sell people form letters that are available over the internet from Maricopa County law library for free. Arizona Tenants Advocates lures people into paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars so Kenneth Volk can put the tenant's name on a form letter.

    Landlords know all about Kenneth Volk and Arizona Tenants Advocates and they know he does nothing.

    JUST USE A REAL LAWYER!!! A real lawyer will charge about the same amount of money, but your chances of getting a positive result are MUCH BETTER.

    Arizona Tenants Advocates heavily spams their reviews. They try to cover up their failures with false reviews.

    If you don't believe me, then sign up for the free consultation and go to the run down, filthy, beat up house Kenneth Volk calls his "office". Kenneth Volk is a little old hippy with hair down to his waste and RED EYES (he had two black eyes when I met him!).

    The house is NASTY: there is dog poop all over the front yard, and his "office" looks like the warehouse at the Salvation Army. He makes everybody sit down on his filthy, beat up couch and talk to him. The carpet is disgusting. There are dusty stacks of papers all over the place. There is broken and dead office equipment and dirty, mismatched furniture stacked everywhere. I really had the feeling that Kenneth Volk was some kind of pothead when I was there. Kenneth Volk will waste your time making you wait while he cooks food for himself, flirts with college girl customers, and makes dumb jokes. GO SEE FOR YOURSELF BEFORE YOU PAY THIS BOZO ONE PENNY.

    Also, there is no privacy or confidentiality at all. Kenneth Volk expects you to about your problems with your landlord in front of anybody who happens to be standing around waiting to talk to him.

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  • Ar
    arland ser Apr 09, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Kenneth Volk actually responded to an employee complaint!!! Ha ha ha ha!

    Ken is lying.

    Kenneth Volk has a terrible reputation for not paying his employees. If you go there, just ask any of them (in private if you can).


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  • Ke
    kensux Aug 16, 2015

    Ken Volk is 100% a scam artist. Hes a complete clown who looks like a small skinny version of Ron Jeremy. I snapped a picture of him while he wasn't looking and my friends have gotten quite a chuckle out of it.

    Im smarter then him at his own game. My credit card took care of his BS. I went for a free consultation, gave him my card with the assumption that he wouldn't charge it until I told him I wanted to pursue, which is what he told me he would do (told him I was on the fence and needed to sleep on it). I wake up with a credit card charge, call asking, and pretty much told me to fly a kite.

    My credit card company has taken care of the cost and refunded me. In the meantime Ken charged my card after I cancelled the card, changed the number, and even put a block on the merchant. All which were refunded to me. Each time Ken attempted to charge my card it would get disputed resulting in a $30 fee each time. he did it about 5 times = $150. He has also sent me multiple express mail documents and other kinds of BS. I'd guess he has about $50 worth in postage sending me non sense just for me to refuse it and get sent back.

    All in all seeing Ken Volk costed me about 2 hours worth of time at his meth lab house in Tempe, a few phone calls to chase, and definitely a few laughs. Ken Volk has $0 from me and I costs him about $200 TRYING DESPERATELY to get my money.

    Also, if you become a victim of Ken, do not listen to his threats, the only people who could actually do anything would be the police but considering the state of arizona knows him as a con man, they will laugh in his face. BTW Tempe police are very well aware of him. Don't worry about Ken knocking down your door and beating you up. Hes about 5' 2" and 90 lbs. Most fit women could whoop his ###.

    I won Ken how does that feel?

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