Ardene Holdingscustomer service

C Aug 02, 2018

I'm a regular customer and go to Ardene Portage Place almost everyday. I only go there because they have good sales and really nice clothes. However today would be the last time I'll ever visit that location. The customer service is getting worst everyday. Most of the employees especially the manager do not smile or greet you. They also look at you as if you are going to steal something. Today, I went there to buy 16 leggings as dance costumes. Since there were lots on the table I asked for help so I wouldn't mess the set up. I told her I was looking for 16 XS and if she could help me. She kept pushing that they didn't have enough. She didn't even bother looking. She also had an attitude so I decided to look for myself since I was in a hurry. She kept coming back to where I was counting the leggings and kept looking at me. I was already pissed but still managed to put the extra leggings back. So I went to the counter to buy, the cashier asked me if everything was ok and I said not really. She didn't say anything. She looked very bored and not enjoying the job.

I hope this concern helps the employees to actually value customers.

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