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Arbonne Internationalfraud and cheating

I joined Arbonne as a consultant in December '06. By March '07 I was a District Manager with much support from my upline. However, after becoming a DM, it was as if I had dropped off the planet. All my upline was interested in was WHO I signed beneath me. If I signed someone they felt could help them, that is who they focused their attention upon. In my case, it meant that our Regional Vice President and Area Manager (her daughter!), jumped down FOUR levels to work individually with a person I had personally signed. I may as well not have existed to them. I and all of those above me were completely left out of the loop with the explanation that 'they could talk to whomever they pleased'. REALLY?? I thought this company was about EVERYONE being given an equal opportunity to succeed! ABSOLUTELY NOT! Without support and guidance from your upline, you don't have a prayer!

This particular RVP and her daughter actually came to our area and could not be bothered to even meet with the three other District Manager's in their downline, but instead decided to focus ALL of their attention on one consultant to the extent of making phone calls to salons and doing numerous parties on her behalf only. I guess to help the rest of us was just too much trouble. We were all stunned! What a bunch of crap!

I have to say that I think the products are pretty good, but so are many others. I would STRONGLY recommend that you DO NOT participate in this as a business unless you know for a fact that your upline will support you! Beware that they may appear to support you until you make District Manager because they stand to benefit greatly by your promotion. It is definitely what happens AFTER your promotion that counts. Our upline completely abandoned us and we have all since dropped out. I don't think all RVPs are like the one we had; ours was just plain greedy.

As far as the business aspect goes, you are MOST DEFINITELY encouraged to invest upwards of $3000 to get to the DM level quickly with all the various and sundry promises that go along with that. Problem is that they will not give you the information you must have to MAINTAIN that position. In the meantime, if you get demoted, guess what happens?? You got it - all of your downline immediately goes up and up and up until those who wanted you out of the way financially benefit directly from your hard work and efforts!!!

SUCKS, DOESN'T IT??? Think about it hard before becoming a Business Builder. It will not be as presented; that I can assure you. Good luck if you decide to 'work' for this organization in spite of all of the reports you have seen. At least we tried.

If you want to try some other great products, try Hydroxytone or DHC. I'm not a consultant, just a happy user who has also used Arbonne.


  • Ni
    NikiR Jun 04, 2009

    HI there, I'm terribly sorry you had such a terrible experience with your upline - I am a current DM with Arbonne and have actually experienced MORE support and training and guidance (i reached out and asked for it) from my ENVP - I realize at this point that you may no longer be an Arbonne consultant and that you let your membership lapse - but I am sure you are aware that everyone benefits from your promotions - you do, your upline does and your downline (are motivated to do the same) do as well - infact with Arbonne, the higher you go, the bigger your % of bonus checks - believe me I have checked out a lot of network marketing companies in my life time, Arbonne is by far the most ethical one out there with the most generous compensation structure.

    Again, I'm so sorry about your experience - if you'd like to talk more about it, i'd love to hear from you via private message through this site.

    A very happy, motivated and DM on the fast track to success with tremendous support and training from her upline

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  • Da
    Daleen Apr 12, 2011

    Your first red flag should have been when you were asked, or encouraged, to invest $3, 000 (or any money) into becoming a DM. It all takes WORK, as in netWORKING. Fabulous products and extraordinary business plan for those who wish to take advantage of the opportunity without investing in inventory. If this upline is still in business, let me encourage you to contact Arbonne and file a complaint. It is not how Arbonne does business. Unfortunately, there are unethical individuals in life, sounds like you got connected to them.

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