Aramexmisleading the customer

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Some of my documents were given in Aramex couriers, chennai, India office on August 8,2004 which was delayed in chennai office itself. Until now (August 24,2004) I have not received those documents. When we contacted the chennai office regarding this, we got misleading information such as 'it was already delivered', the documents were received by the neighbour and also we were given wrong telephone numbers of the 'so called neighbour' and the Aramex US branch. Everyday we have been calling India on this matter because of the sensitivity of the documents. We have not received any reply for the email sent to aramex through their website. According to the website tracking information the documents were delivered at Naguabo which is in Puerto Rico when it is supposed to come to Edison, New jersey, USA. So far, we have neither received the documents nor did we recieve any responsible replies from the chennai office.

  • Updated by Walid K · Aug 20, 2019

    no one is responsible in aramex you can talk to him, they only give promises and nothings happens they say something and do other things. i am facing the problem more than one month. i know this email will do nothing but i am trying no other option

  • Updated by MedHat Said RaBie · Sep 15, 2019

    Nothing happened


  • At
    Atul Nagpal Jul 30, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    I sent one Envelope via "ARAMEX COURIERS" (Docket No. 3162699971, Pick Up agency : Balaji Courier & Cargo, C-19, Main Road, Masoodpur, Vasant Kunj, Delhi-70) on dated 21/07/2009 to Dubai(UAE), In that Envelope I putted my Labour ID card issued by Government of Dubai on behalf of my company(Work Permit No.38302925), that Card I sent back in my company for my Visa cancellation.

    When the courier received by in Dubai Office, they told that when the opened Aramex Polythene, the envelope was totally empty, there is nothing inside it, even that envelope is already opened by someone before delivering, and that opened space is enough to took that "LABOUR CARD" out from that

    Its really a very much serious thing, If I not submit my card on time, so my visa will not get cancel and i will not be able to get the new visa from dubai, and i will surely loose my New assignments in Middle east, A small mistake from ARAMEX side is able to waste my whole professional career, and also if that labour card is took out by some wrong persons, so they can misuse the card in various ways, and all responsibility is only by "ARAMEX COURIERS"

    After that, I sent several mails to customer support team/Courier Pick Up Agency/Top Management to ARAMEX in Dubai and Delhi, but they are even not bother to reply on my mail.They are just passing the things internally, and not responding to me, that mails even I marked to CEO level person in ARAMEX, but they also not bother to reply me and not take any single step to sort out my sitution.

    I am really in great trouble, As i am not able to get my old visa cancel, and will not be eligible to apply for a new visa in Dubai, All that of because I choose ARAMEX for couriering my ID Card, and I advise every customer, Kindly think twice to send their couriers via ARAMEX Couriers, As you well understand that how they are treating their customers and even the Top Management are also not bothering for any complain, So we can, t expect any thing from the Middle/Lower level management of ARAMEX

    Kindly try to sort out my issue and feedback are most welcome,

    Atul Nagpal
    +91 9910288404
    E-mail : [email protected]

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  • Va
    VARGHESE MATHW Feb 13, 2010

    I am VARGHESE MATHEW . my mob no 050971646. i have one courier. feb Ist called me your courier ready today will come, feb 2nd again called me today will come, feb 3rd called me today will come after not response last i called your customer care. but not response but thursday evening 4.55 pm again called me that guy told sorry. any way saturday will come . but now saturday 9.00pm (every day asking my location) for what. i think ARAMEX is playing. that courier is missing or ___ . tomorrow i will call NBD bank. for what saying today will come, today will come...

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  • Sh
    sherryrr Jul 25, 2010

    Professional Couriers service is the worst service in INDIA.
    Do not book anything through professional Couriers.
    Professional Couriers is doing day robbery.
    Professional Couriers are thieves.
    Professional Couriers in India having black business.
    Professional Couriers maintaining smuggling business.
    Professional Couriers do smuggling by hiding.
    Do not ever book courier through Professional Couriers.
    UGLY courier service in INDIA. Professional Couriers.

    I sent parcel from Bangalore to Kolkata and Parcel was expensive gaming device.

    When the parcel do not reach even after 3 days I contacted Professional Couriers and they said it is on the way. But, their website PROFESSIONAL COURIERS TRACKING shows it reached Kolkata office. So, next day again I called and they said it has been missing.

    I asked what do you mean and what's the meaning, they said, it is lost in the transit and offered me Rs.300 and actual cost of the device is Rs.11, 000. I did not take that money and complaint the same with Professional Courier Manager and everywhere. But, after few days they called me and said, the courier company should not take gaming device and we are sorry that our Bangalore head office took it.

    I said it was your mistake and I need the device or refund the value of the device, they just making rounds and not willing to return the money.

    Can you imaging Rs.300 or Rs.11, 000 ???

    I was about to leave foreign country and tried 1 month to get back the money. They did not return it. In the mean time I come to know that it is just not my case. They are cheating many and many people. Most of the people unable to find because, if they steal something from big parcels sent people may not recognize and if some people recognize they offer the same silly amount. Saying something or the other. Most of the time they even did not bother to listen you.

    But, this is their company policy discussed in their meeting to get black money, they are stealing half of the goods or part of the goods or something if it is single parcel they are stealing that parcel.

    In this way they are making crores of Black Money. Professional Couriers is the open smuggling company in India.

    They had some devices with which they find what's in the parcel. If it is valuable goods they steal part of the items or if they did not find many goods on that particular day, they steal the whole goods. And simply say parcel is lost in the transit.

    If customer argue and warn them saying, they will lodge a case, they show the receipt and claims and even show you some papers saying valuable goods is not allowed and it was taken in mistake. So, most of the customers do not do anything and as taking legal action and making rounds of courts is time consuming process these illegal people from Professional Couriers are taking advantage of it.

    Simply the company should be banned from HINDUSTAN and their CEO and other responsible persons should be hanged in public. So, that others come to know about the punishment and do not cheat the people.

    PROFESSIONAL COURIERS is the Bad company
    PROFESSIONAL COURIERS is the Illegal company.
    PROFESSIONAL COURIERS steal the goods of customers.
    PROFESSIONAL COURIERS is the cheater courier service in INDIA.
    Professional Couriers managers and Managing director too involve and making illegal policies.

    We all should come together and take their illegal properties and distribute among all the people who has lost something because of Professional couriers and remaining amount should be distributed in poor people.

    Even if you are sending small brochure or any pamplets do not send through PROFESSIONAL COURIERS. Why because, if you know it might not be delivered of lost in transit, do you want to waste your time and money ?

    Even if you are millionaire you will not throw single rupee from your window, nobody throw money intentionally. Do you throw it ?

    Booking something through professional couriers is throwing money with your own hands.

    Please do inform all your friends, relatives, parents, colleagues, employer, employee, neighbors and everybody you know. NOT TO USE Professional Courier Service.

    They are open cheaters, they are smugglers.

    Please pass this message to each and everyone and make INDIA a safe country.

    Professional Couriers is having office in some of the other countries too. So, if you are booking overseas courier through any small courier office or agent, please inquire it, if that goes through PROFESSIONAL COURIERS do not send it.

    Confirm the same with courier agent, it is not professional couriers then only send the parcel.

    Let us fight and against criminals and cheaters. Please promote this words to each and everyone and all the website that seek feedback or complaints.

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  • An
    AntonW Feb 11, 2011

    Damn aramex, they should be burned in hell..

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  • Am
    AmrLotfy Mar 14, 2011


    I bought a package from and shipped it to my shop and ship account with Aramex UK. The package was received by them on the 1st of March, it was not sent out until the 10th of March (no idea why it took so long!!!). Today is the 14th and I have not received it yet!!! UK to Cairo is a maximum 5 hr flight... I know there is more involved but I have received packages directly from in less than half the time... This is the last time I use them, I will try DHL Easyship to see if it is any better, I doubt they can be worse!

    Many thanks,

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  • Ns
    nss280 Jun 13, 2011

    Aramex people are biggest frauds.
    They have a horrible customer care and when the dont have answers to your questions they simply hang-off the call
    This happened 3 times with me.


    ARAMEX Couriers service is the worst service in INDIA.
    Do not book anything through ARAMEX Couriers.
    ARAMEX Couriers is doing day robbery.
    ARAMEX Couriers are thieves.
    ARAMEX Couriers in India having black business.
    ARAMEX Couriers maintaining smuggling business.
    ARAMEX Couriers do smuggling by hiding.
    Do not ever book courier through ARAMEX Couriers.
    UGLY courier service in INDIA. ARAMEX Couriers.

    Your business will go for a toss, if you rely on aramex.

    Everyone in Aramex is involved to fool the customers.

    I have 3 couriers in Aramex, all stuck. One is from 7th and today is 13th. They have no status on it, and when I call them to ask status they hang the phone !

    Many Thanks

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  • Vi
    Vishnu Kumar Agarwal Jul 27, 2011

    One of the most pathetic service I ever Used.
    I've to receive some coupons which are being expired in next 4 days (on 31st July), and out there for past 10 days (within same city - Bangalore), but didn't receive yet.

    Location Date Activity
    Hebbal (HBB), India 07/20/2011 04:25 PM Shipment Out for Delivery
    Bangalore, India 10:30 AM Shipment Received at Operations Facility
    Mumbai, India 07/19/2011 08:13 AM Shipment Record Created
    Andheri, India 06:09 AM Shipment Forwarded to - Bombay, India
    Andheri, India 05:13 AM Shipment Received at Origin Facility

    Now I'm regretting, Why i didn't check its review from and all.


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  • Al
    Ali Hamadeh Aug 12, 2011

    Aramex is a FRAUDULENT company. Recently I purchased an item and had it ship through there ShopNShip service. This is a service where like the name states, you shop -they ship, clear5 etc...
    Well the fact that I bought the item at a lower cost that they have it advertized through one of there associates pissed them of and they stopped it for customs evaluation. Custom evalution it at there office headquarter and they pretend there is such a thing. Nevertheless at the end, I figured it was going to cost me more in headache and time than the item deserved. I asked them to ship back to vendor and they quoted $495 for a 2lb package. Finally I just told them to shove the package up their ###!
    ARAMEX and there staff are all trained to defraud unsuspecting customers, nothing is ever in concrete or final with them so they can always find a way to swindle more $$$ after the shipment arrives and they have you locked.
    ARAMEX SUCKS! please use another company that tries to maintain some integrity and self respect.

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  • Vi
    Vishnu S.K. Jan 09, 2012

    Aramex Courriers is a company with Highly Unorganised and very low profile personnels who cannot speak English/ Hindi.
    Sunday - 8th January, 2012, ARAMEX called me from their Landline No. 04870799 at 9.20 AM. A Lady spoke to me and informed me that I recieved Credit Card and where to deliver. I gave my exact address and my mobile number.
    She informed me that their person will call me in the morning to confirm the delivery.
    Till 4-30 pm nobody called me. At 4-37 pm I called them on 600544000. The lady who listened to my complaint took my all details once again.
    Again one person named Satish called me. He could not speak properly. He is asking me WHAT IS MY PROBLEM? Problem is created by them and he is asking me.
    I am sure the HR department must have recruited these idiotic persons who do not know how to speak with some personal gains.
    At 10-30 pm again there was a missed call from landline 048707999. When I called back nobody answered.
    IS THERE ANY EDUCATED PERSON IN HR DEPARTMENT of ARAMEX who will take action? -----------------------Vishnu

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  • Ar
    Arthur King Oct 08, 2013

    Aramex India hold my package for 21 days without informing seller or buyer.

    - eBay sellers Please don't use aramex. It will destroy your reputation, feedbacks and business.

    My experience as a Buyer with aramex:

    How corrupted a global Indian company can be?
    Look no further than

    It seems eBay India is run by it's delivery company called Aramex.

    Aramex decides which package to deliver, which package to delay for weeks or even which package not to deliver. Their lies and blames had make many buyers angry towards ebay india.

    I think it's time for top level eBay India officers and executives to look deep in to these problems with aramex before aramex can destroy their reputation and business.

    aramex has already destroyed relations between many sellers and buyers.


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  • Am
    Amr Alaa Oct 19, 2014

    My name is Amr Alaa, I received a shipment notification from aramex with a pickup date of 19/10/2014 - 9:00-18:00. i took a long trip from my work to aramex (about 15 km) at 2:30 pm, and was shocked that the store is closed from 1:00-4:30 pm (as a long break).i was so annoyed because the notification didn`t mention the accurate opening timings. i cut all this long trip, delayed my work to realize this situation & i will have to come again after 4:30 pm to pickup my package, although "FEDEX & DHL" which are located at the same area do not close at the middle of the day. i am a regular customer at DHL but this was my first deal with aramex and maybe will be the last because i don`t have much time for this hassle.

    Best Regards,
    Eng.Amr Alaa
    Saudi Bin Ladin group

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  • Ay
    Aymanjaa Jan 19, 2015

    Ship and shop employees in USA NY didnt care to send my shipment 9163424185 from 29/12/2014 and i cant show the status of this shipment on aramex system.
    Please move my shipment asp.
    Ayman alafifi

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  • Ka
    Katia87 Feb 02, 2015

    Aramex is cheating in the costs of parcels. I ordered a parcel and payd for the delivery to Aramex 26 euros in South Africa. Now that it is in french customs, they ask me for 60 euros more to get it delivered ! And this is without customs duties! I wonder if my parcel would cost as an airplane in the end. It is real cheating and stealing! My parcel from South Africa to France is still in the customs, and Aramex keeps sending me papers which I cannot fill because I am not an entreprise, but just a physical person. I already asked them to change, nothing changed. Moreover signing them I will have to admit that the day it would be delivered I will have to pay 65 euros again to Aramex after 28 paid during the shipment!!! And This in Addition to custom duties!!! It is real stealing from clients ! It is cheating that they could not know it in advance! Is there no communication between Aramex South Africa and Aramex France ? It is pure violation of the consumers right to know what he is to pay.

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  • Dr
    Drnemeth Nov 08, 2018

    @Katia87 Were you able to sort this with them?

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  • Hy
    Hytham Berekdar Mar 02, 2015

    Aramex KSA Jeddah sea shipping dep are really fraudulent people, they are using dirty ways “Nineties Methods’” They give you fake reason that customs rejects your shipment etc just to play in nerves and make the customer hurry up to pay. I start notifying all my friends and business partners to STOP shipping with them, Aramex WAS perfect but today go-down since some reckless and inconsiderate employee’s are controlling the issues.

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  • Nu
    Nunya Beezness Mar 09, 2015

    After tracking my late package I see the following;
    Thursday, March 5, 2015 8:17 PM, Singapore SG Delivery attempted
    Thursday, March 5, 2015 7:53 PM, Singapore SG Carrier is unable to gain access to front door to deliver the package. Please contact the carrier to resolve
    Thing is everyone was home at the times shown! And there was no note of "missed delivery". And the gaurd house didn't see anyone coming at these times!
    So the following day, Friday I called aramex and they scheduled a new delivery on the following day, Saturday between 09:00 and 14:00. We were home this whole timeframe (on a Saturday) as the package was badly required (nappy liners), yet no one arrived with any post? So I gave them two more days and called on Tuesday to ask why, where, informed that the package will be "tomorrow", and after some complaint on their previous BS and informing the urgency they say today. Will see how that works out, but either way it's a pathetic company! Just so we are clear, it's not my first issue with them here in Singapore, but hopefully the last time I have to receive anything through their company!

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  • Pa
    PaulaDubai Apr 14, 2015

    Aramex is a Joke. They should change the name to ARAMESS.

    My parcel arrived 6 of April. Only yesterday, 13 of April somebody came to my door to deliver PART of the parcel, and asking me to pay. I couldnt pay (around 50 usd) because I didnt have cash with me (Hey, nobody call me before to let me know that they were coming) plus, i didnt know that I have to pay anything else after already paying 353 USD for delivery services. The delivery guy then say that he was going to come back after 4 pm. He arrived, only to collect the money and not with the rest of the parcel that he suppose to bring with him. Then, I refusse to pay and he took the already delivered items, back with him, saying that today MORNING I was going to receive the full parcel. Off couse, no calls and nobody show up. What is also very anoying is that the delivery man wrote " attempted Delivery-customer refused to receive the Shipment"!!
    This is so unrespectfull to the customer. Unbelievable. Apart from all that when the parcel arrived to the country nobody inform me, and when I contact Aramess they start to ask for documentation that They should be managing. On the top of that, after more delay, they asked me for Import Code (????) Im not a company! The Items are for personal use!
    I request for door to door service.
    And here Im, another morning totally wasted thanks to Aramex, (Aramess I insist)

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  • Sa
    Sandeep814 May 05, 2015

    On 27th April, I bought "TV wall stand" from ebay and on 28th ebay(seller) choosing "ARAMEX" courier services for the delivery, that was the biggest mistake done by seller.

    Shipment Number:41261469605

    On 2nd May, I tracked my item and it's showing delivered on Aramex portal but it's not delivered/recceived by Mukti(my sister) on mentioned address.

    From that day onward, I am continuously calling
    at Delhi's number (011-33003300) and at Jammu's number(0191 2467621 & Suresh : 9858180450) and also registered below complaints:
    1. CaseReference:DEL/0515/2633
    2. CaseReference:DEL/0515/2632
    3. IXJ/0515/04

    But still not get any update.

    Today when I called again at 0191 2467621 number, person how picked the phone, he told me "delivery boy is on 3 days leave and they don't know the current status, so you would again call on 7th May then we can check".

    Also, I want to raise a COMPLAINT against JAMMU BRANCH these people don't have MANNERS how to treat customers or how to talk with them.

    Can you please share your HEAD Branch details so that I can write them my complains.


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  • Mo
    Mohamed Mamdouh Aug 16, 2015

    I lost my parcel with Aramex
    I have a parcel from Hong kong no.30109412056
    to be delivered to Saudi Arabia until now they didn't know where is it . One of them said it is in UAE. Another one said . no it is lost. Another one said, it didn't reached yet .
    Which one is right. [email protected] .

    No one help

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  • Ja
    Jappi89 Oct 28, 2015

    This product is not available in SOUQ KSA, and I'm wondering if it is possible to order from SOUQ UAE and have it delivered here in KSA? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and best regards! Jeffrey

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  • Ab
    Abdullah Bin Ali Jan 23, 2016

    Hi All,
    I purchased some home stuff from on 19-Jan-2016, and they have dispatched to aramex on 1/21/2016 1:56:00 AM, and the shipment reached to origin facility on 1/22/2016 8:57:00 AM and then its out for delivery on 1/22/2016 10:18:00 AM and suddenly the same day without contact to me aramex has updated with fake information 1/22/2016 9:35:00 PM Attempted Delivery - Customer Not Available / Delivery Rescheduled,
    then I contact to Customer Care, they said it will delivered next day for sure. But same this happen on next day. 1/23/2016 9:12:00 PM Attempted Delivery - Customer Not Available / Delivery Rescheduled, this information also fake.
    Dont know exactly what happen to aramex employees why they are spoiling organisation name why they are updating fake information.This is my awb no. 41932257651,
    Since 2 days, I am waiting for my shipment but Aramex employees playing with me. they have not even contact me for the delivery and simply updated as Customer is not available.

    Please help me to get my shipment asap.

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  • Na
    Nasrak Aug 17, 2016

    this is the worst shipping experience I had in my entire life!!

    shipment been on hold with no reason with no responses with no at least courtesy notification or care.

    Unbelievable ARAMEX!

    And thumps up! to Amazon delivering product on time!

    I hope I can find answers here...

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  • Wa
    Waelsa77 Aug 15, 2018

    Shimpment scheduled for supply on Saturday,
    then canceld from yourside,
    after fighting with your customers service i decided to collect from your office,
    i went sunday 12pm but the shipment not there,
    i complained in your customer service and request to speak with manager,
    but he was useless

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  • Mo
    Mounia Aug 15, 2018

    The worse Aramex operation ever !!! Careless and unprofessional . Delivery in hold for 4 days for no valid reason . Order made through amazon .

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  • Us
    usama khan Aug 28, 2018


    I'm order to China but now it's very delay and I still didn't receive my shipment


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  • Ai
    aitsym Aug 29, 2018

    my parcel are hold in custom on casablanca 41 day from now, i've payed the customs fees to aramex but my parcel's still holding, everytime i call the company office they told that my order is under processing, i don't recommend you guys to deliver your order by ARAMEX, you will have a lot of problem with them

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  • Zi
    Ziad1234 Sep 18, 2018

    I had received one shipment sent from Jeddah to Riyadh and it was charged SAR 168 knowing that the local rate is not exceeding 50

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  • Be
    Bennyantony Oct 15, 2018

    Our Account No : 4003737
    Pick up from china [CaseReference:RUH/0817/39089]

    request raised on 6/8/2017.

    the shipment is not collected till today.

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  • Na
    Nadia hussain Oct 16, 2018

    Hello, I ordered a book from amazon and it was delivered yesterday (9/16/2018)to USA New York address but they didn't send me an email that they had received it, please send to me an explanation email, address line 2:KWI 761980 with
    Tracking ID 9341989697090069102659

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  • Kh
    Khushahal Husain Nov 04, 2018

    Subject shipment was received at Aramex Riyadh at 02:28 am on April 11, 2017. After 3 days I started follwing up for the delivery of shipment. Every day customer care promised the delivery next day. So far 9 days gone, nothing happened.

    Very poor service.

    Please escalate the delivery for today only.

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  • Ib
    ibnebrahim Nov 19, 2018

    My express delivery of a small parcel is almost a month overdue!!!

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  • Mo
    Mohamed Hany Gamgoum Dec 13, 2018

    I have complain about shipment no 32175821952 from JollyChic in china to jeddah, it arrived to jeddah 11-11-2018 and until now i could not get it, every day i call aramex saudi arabia useless and without any new, what the solution now i waitt for a serious response email [email protected]

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  • Ma
    Malar Selvam Feb 25, 2019


    Yesterday 13-Feb-2018 around 12.15pm, i have submitted my document in Aramax Office @KOTC, Kuwait.
    But till now, i am unable to track my document.
    Request you to please let us know the status of the document.

    Attach herewith the shipment reference. - 311 0611 2166

    +965 65736340

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  • Le
    Leon Zlotnik Feb 27, 2019

    My parcel had been given to Aramex. They are keeping it stuck in NY for 10 days now for no reason (express service!). For 3 days I call them and got all kinds of false information like: "it had been already shipped with FedEx", "It will be shipped tomorrow", "it had not been yet released from the customs", "we'll call you today with the tracking info", "we don't ship on weekends" etc.
    Needless to say that the customs fee had been paid a week ago and weekend never lasts for entire week.
    Certainly, nobody called nor did a thing. When I call them back and insist they simply put me on a hold or drop the call.
    Bottom line. This is by far the worst carrier service I ever met. Avoid at any cost.

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  • Pp
    pprabhak Apr 02, 2019

    The receiver of this pkg has paid INR 3824 upon delivery for which there is no receipt given confirming for what this has been collected. Had separate communication with [email protected] asking for the receipt but nothing has been provided. Appreciate if someone can prove to me that this amount is paid as customs duty (as communicated)

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  • Ma
    Mazin _alriyami Apr 21, 2019

    I didn't receive any SMS or e mail on my shipment and today when i check the track number i found that it is taken by someone else!!! This is not acceptable at all . I want a serious solution.
    Shipment No. 31749681460
    my mobile: +968 97050529

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  • Sh
    shikhagupta24 Jun 01, 2019

    Need to return a parcel to, so raised a request for home pick up to aramex, schdeduled delivery for 23 may 2019. The delivery guy did not come on the day scheduled and when try reaching their customer care everyboby give different information. And I am struggling for last 4 days, still there is no help.

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  • Sa
    Sanjeev Chandra Jun 26, 2019

    I am unable to log into my account

    After putting password, the screen comes to the terms and conditions page and gets stuck there.

    can you help?

    I have tried calling the helpline but no answer.

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  • El
    eldib Jun 29, 2019

    1 Month delay in delivery

    From 20 May 2019 till the moment not recieved, Although all papers needed we sent early. No support we gain from customer services or customs employees.

    No clear reason and corrupting informations

    No answer at all in saturdays even from customer service phones

    Very weak services

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  • Al
    ali almesri Jul 01, 2019

    I regret that i am facing this bad experience with aramex . Its been given no tracking status since the item was shipped ! then i have send many emails and complaints with no progress

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  • Wa
    walid khbaiz Jul 10, 2019

    This is Walid from Kuwait Lebanese Co. Medical Equipment & Pharmaceutical, and we have account with aramex, I have missing part for air waybill # 235-38928186. (20 cartons) cartons # start from AB126 to AB145. It's now More than one month.
    For more information please contact me
    email: [email protected]

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