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Apartment Ratings / don't trust this website

Dec 12, 2017

not sure you can trust this website. I don't and I have some reasons. In a nutshell. I went through a negative experience and decided to share it with their readers. So I wrote a review. I saw it was published. But several days later they deleted it. I used to bad words, everything wa... / Fake reviews

Oct 05, 2016

I used to rent an apartment via and had a terrible experience. That was a long story, I was scammed, lost my money. The point is that I fell for the positive reviews I saw on this site. There are only positive reviews on Apartmentratings because they are deleting all... / The ratings of apartments listed are completely fraudulent


The place I used to live in used to have a rating of 18%. But in the last couple years many of the negative reviews - particularly the ones mentioning the bad insect problems - have mysteriously disappeared! Having lived there myself I know the insect problems were bad and the reviews were... / I can't believe this website is legal


Terrible! - I can't believe this website is legal! Anyone can lie and say anything and say it anomously and nothing is verifed. At least with the better business bureau if someone complains a business can tell their side of the story. With this website anyone can say anything and not have to defend their position. This site should be taken down. / Bad service


I went to this site simply to review some tentant ratings regarding a couple of apartment complexes that I am considering. In order to read the full review, it was required that I create an account. A telephone number was required in order to complete the account, so I provided them with [protected]... / Worst place to live ever


So they say they have brand new never lived in apartments for rent. So we leave our deposit a month before we are going to move in and our rent a week before we move in then the day we move in the a/c doesn't work the base boards are not on the doors don't have locks i had a list...