J Jan 10, 2020

Hello -
My husband and I stayed at the Sunscape Sabor (2nd time) with our two teenage children recently. Our stay was Dec 28-Jan4. We had 6 wonderful days enjoying the atmosphere, the staff (all wonderful), and of course the ocean. Unfortunately, our trip ended on a very bad note. Friday afternoon I began feeling ill. By Friday night, I was violently sick. I slept in the bathroom and could barely walk. Saturday our daughter started with the same symptoms. We barely made it to the airport and when we did she and I had to lay on the Cozumel airport floor in between our trips to the bathroom while waiting for our flight. It was the longest 4 hour flight of our life. Sick the whole way. Our daughter had to be wheeled in a wheel chair to our connection because she couldn't walk she was in so much pain. Customs staff brought us straight to the front of the line as they noticed how pale and weak she and I were. Then my husband started getting sick a short time later and by the time we reached our final destination by son ran to the bathroom at the airport and started in with all the same symptoms. Needless to say, we sought medical care and through fecal and blood tests learned we contracted 3 different strains of E. Coli; one being very severe. My daughter's liver is swollen and her enzymes are very high so they have also tested her for Hep A. We have not received those results yet. She had to have an ultrasound to rule out any other issues and to make sure her liver was functioning properly. Needless to say, we now have a number of medical bills that we definitely were not planning on to no fault of our own. As we look back, the only thing we all four ate that was the same was a salad for lunch at the Sunnyside grill on Thursday Jan 2nd. Not to say that is for sure where we picked it up, but it seems likely that it was from the lettuce. I can tell you that this is the sickest I've ever been in my life and it was a very scary experience. I honestly can't believe we didn't end up in the hospital. I feel it's important you know this information for the future safety of your guests. If this would have been someone older or with a compromised immune system, it would be life threatening. We would appreciate your feedback and also would like to discuss the possibility of some compensation for our medical bills considering it was at the hand of the resort. We truly enjoyed our stay and the entire staff up until the end. The rooms definitely need some updating; there was quite a bit of mold in our room and each day we had to call maintenance about some issues. But overall it was lovely.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to your input.
Jennifer, Mike, Isaac and Leah Arnold
Rapid City, SD USA

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