Amerisave Mortgage CorporationMisleading and Overcharged Me


Found Amerisave online when I was searching for lenders to refinance my house. I should have known that things were too good to be true.

When I first started the application process, the appraiser pressured me to get it done within the first 3 days and he said that was time of the essence. He charged me $500 for it even though the Amerisave website quoted substantially less...I checked today (9/30) and it says $ I paid 25% more than their good faith estimate!!!

This should have been a no-brainer loan...$225K on a home that was appraised at $600K...and I am a full-documentation borrower making well into the 6 digits income.

Slow to respond and after 45 days, they are saying they are not sure about my debt ratio...which hasn't changed when I first got approved for the loan.

They are very slow to respond and though they demand all kinds of stuff. I know that mortgage lenders are getting tougher, but this is incredible. BTW, I'm refinancing a mortgage that I had with Wells Fargo from 2 years ago (when I thought it was much harder to get a loan) but these guys are much worse.

I've probably gotton over a dozen home mortgages over the last 20 years and these guys are easily the worse...and now I'm out the appraisal and who knows what else.

Be careful with these guys!!!

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