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Amerisave Mortgage Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Amerisave Mortgage Corporation / mortgage loan

Jul 14, 2019

Loan # 9340136, Started working with Rafael Sanchez, on May 31, 2019. We, jack and Beatrice Tullis, wanted to refinance and do a Cash Out, consolidate all of our bills, using our land and home to do this. Upon talking with Rafael, we told him that we had been discharged from a chapter 13...

Amerisave Mortgage Corporation / home mortgage

Jul 09, 2017

I refinanced my loan which finally closed in November of 2017. I had at least three conversations with the loan officer about the PMI that showed up on my documentation. I was told over the phone and even have an email from him that states "Your loan is not allowed to change.  You finished...

Amerisave Mortgage Corporation / How not to get a loan

Mar 01, 2017

Let call this how not to get a home loan!!! We started the loan process with Amerisave Mortgage by securing a pre-approval followed up by a pre-qual and receiving a ready buyer certificate. This certificate states we had passed all requirements to get a loan, Preliminary doc has been...

Amerisave Mortgage Corporation / Refinance loan & appraisal

Nov 04, 2016

We applied for a cash-out refinance loan through Amerisave Mortgage Corp. on 7/20/2016. Credit score 826, debt to income ratio 25%, employed at same job 16.5 & 30+ yrs. After MONTHS of extensions, errors, & incompetence, were denied 11/2/2016 for a Small Business (SBA) FEMA loan lien that...

Amerisave Mortgage Corporation / Refi Loan

Aug 11, 2016

What can I say that hasn't been said about this company already by the numerous reviews below.I started with a refi inquiry on Lending Tree and was immediately contacted by Salvador Ortiz. He said he would run my credit report and see where we were at. After running the report, he said...

Amerisave Mortgage / Refinance/Mortgage

Oct 27, 2015

SCAM!!! Buyer Beware! I have a 782 credit score, had $50, 000 in equity on my home and shouldn't have been a problem to refinance. They are continuing to use Bait & Switch tactics. They advertise a low interest rate and low closing costs to "bait" you in and then have your appraisal come...

Amerisave Loan / Loan

Jun 28, 2013

AmeriSave has the worst customer service correspondence. They say they strive to put their customer first but it is all talk. After getting a prequalification, it took them 4 months to close on my loan and then I had to ask them to rush the request because although they knew the closing...

Amerisave Mortgage Refinance / We received the &reason& for our loan denial. &shhh&...we weren't supposed to find out.

Jan 25, 2013

Same story as others... perfect credit over 800, mortgage loan request under 50% value of our home, appraisal completed and paid for, etc. We were told everything looked great (after weeks of providing additional documents.) But, when the closing date kept dragging out, our loan officer...

Amerisave Mortgage / Avoid Amerisave At All Cost

Jan 13, 2013

It is always difficult to admit when you get ripped off, but this company is so blatantly fraudulent that my story needs to be told. As you read all of the other similar reports, a pattern appears. Further, Amerisave just settled a class action lawsuit by prior clients for very similar...

Amerisav Mortgage / Customer service

Jan 02, 2013

You can get a reasonable mortgage deal if you carry a big baseball bat and scrutinize every details to keep them honest. Their customer service giving the loan is middling average to bad. BUT their customer service to make your loan payments on line stinks. The system locks you out and say...

Amerisave Mortgage / Fraud


Applying for a refinance loan on my home. Amerisave ordered the appraisal and did not like it and ran their own numbers in an automated system. The Appraisal was spot on for the value of my home and for the area, Amerisave dropped the value on their on 200k and denied my loan. Cost me $400...

Amerisave / Scam Artist with High Fees for Home Loan


I started the process of refinancing my one property in mid August and submitted all documents within TWO days of the request. I immediately paid a very expensive appraisal fee for the house and the credit report (total of 566.50) so that the process can be completed and approved. I have a...

Amerisave / Service


If you have gotten to this website, you are lucky. I am in the process of submitting a complaint to the BBB against Amerisave for misrepresentation. Guess how many complaints have aleady been filed with the BBB? 568 to date and no doubt growing! Inform yourself first. Read all the...

Amerisave / Mortgage loan


Anyone who is considering apply a mortgage loan through Amerisave please stop waste your time, especially if you are in a rush try to close a loan, don't ever think about Amerisave, no matter how great your credit score is, this company is not easy to work with. We had waited 5 moth...

Amerisave / Lies, rudeness, referred to Heartland Credit Services to help us get our credit straightened out to meet their credit scor e of 640.


I filled out an application on line and was contacted by Aaron Hoisington and he said that our credit score was not high enough for them to help us. He referred me to Heartland Credit Restoration. He told me to speak with Trisha. She advised me that she was going to send me a contract and...

Amerisave / AmeriSave is a rip off


Please avoid Amerisave. They encourage lenders to apply with them to not loan you money but take money through a scam. They own the appraisal company so when the required apprasial, in my case $375.00 is charged, they have made their money. Don’t believe any advertiesment from them...

Amerisave Mortgage / Do not waste your time with Amerisave


After applying for a mortgage with Anerisave, I can say that the whole process was a big waste of time. My wife and I filled out all the forms, sent in all paper work requested. Although the adviser was very nice, we were not able to get an answer as to if we could be refinanced. This went...

Amerisave / Mortgages / declined loan


My loan app was for a refinance. Home loan secured with local bank 1.5 years ago, no probelm obtaining this loan. Amerisave rep, Larry Barba, told me that my loan approval was a sure thing, they even ordered my lawyer to do the title work in advance of approval. Appraisal department caused...

Amerisave / They'll find a reason to deny a refi and take your money


I'm putting in a dispute with my credit card company and will be contacting RESPA, HUD and BBB, I encourage EVERYONE here to do that. Based on my research after-the-fact if you pick a loan option without hefty closing costs they'll find a reason to deny you. I have an excellent...

Amerisave Mortgage Refinance / Fraud / Theft of my money in name of loan refinancing


Amerisave lied to me and made a false promise to adjust my locked in rates for refinance loan. Amerisave charged me $8 dollars plus $375 dollars on my credit card for their processing of my loan application. Their original quoted rates differ from the what they were asking me to sign. They...

Amerisave Loan Brokerage / Switch and bait on refi rate


My spouse and I have excellent credit, few credit cards that we pay in full every month, solid incomes, a single family home with a 35-40% loan/value ratio. Home is > $1M. We contacted Amerisave in June 2011 to do a refi at an attractive rate and agreed to their credit report. The credit...

Amerisave / Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau for Good Reason


AmeriSave is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau with good cause. You see the ads all over the internet as they troll for business. They need an enormous volume of applicants who are fleeced of their appraisal money and time. Applicants are subjected to endless requests for more... / Not a good place to do business


I applied with Amerisave for a mortgage refinance and was told by the agent I wouldn't qualify. A second agent call and told me I would qualify. He accepted my application and told me he would not charge me for the credit report or appraisal until after I was approved. He, then called...

Amerisave Mortgage / poor business practices


We chose Amerisave because their closing costs were supposedly much lower than their competitors and they had a good Better Business Bureau rating. I became suspicious after they began a loan process, charged us $375 for an appraisal and then we were told that we would be charged another...

Amerisave Mortgage / Fraudulant advertising


I applied for a Mortgage refinance through Amerisave. After paying the nonrefundable deposit to start the process, we got started on the paperwork. We exchanged paperwork for 6 months which included 2 appraisals and many duplicate paper work including tax returns, bank account records etc...

Amerisave / Mortgage Refinance Scam


I began the process of refinancing a mortgage with Amerisave on July 16, 2010. I used my credit card to pay an upfront fee for an appraisal and credit report. I finally contacted them near the end of August to see what was going on. I was told that we were conditionally approved and would...

Amerisave Mortgage / Scam


Beware of this company. Their goal is not to fund loans. Their goal is to collect $500 from your credit card. This is done by having you sign a cancellation form that "allows" them to hit your credit card when THEY cancel your loan. I have a 780 credit score and an LTV of 60% and gainfully...

Amerisave / A nightmare


In late 2010, I submitted my information on the web in an attempt to refinance my mortgage. I received calls from 4 different companies. Amerisave and another company had the best rate, but i decided to go with Amerisave because they seemed like the larger bank. Once Amerisave actually...

Amerisave / Absolutely a joke of a company, horrible!!


Unbelievable joke of a company. I went against better judgement from read complaints against Amerisave and was pulled in with the lure of low advertised rates. Andrew Rochester started my loan process, all seemed to be well until the appraisal value came back much higher than expected...

Amerisave / Fraud


Greetings, Too many reports of the same rip offs Amerisave is now famous for to go into detail. Simply google class action Amerisave and get in on a class action law suit against this corrupt company. Example of what you will find below once you find the contact site. Let's do...

Amerisave Mortgage / Horrible Experience


The experience I have had with this company is horrible. I locked in a 60 day rate agreement on September 7 2010, the terms of which would cover all my closing costs. Ater 70 days of continuous runaround, and $500 in expenses, I found out they ordered three payoff statements from my...

Amerisave / Deceptive Business Practices


AVOID AMERISAVE AT ALL COSTS, TOTAL SCAM, as they are not really in the business of writing loans but a complete scam. They suck you in with a low rate lock then drag things out waiting for market conditions to turn in their favor. I locked in at 4 1/8 only to have them drag out the...

Amerisave / Low Appraisal


Be careful before paying for an appraisal through this company. I just wasted $325 (and the $35 for the credit report) for a RIDICULOUSLY low appraisal. My realtor thought it would come in between $350 and $360K. Amerisave's appraisal was $305K!!! The appraiser actually told me that...

Amerisave / Amerisave lies


Amerisave lies. They posted lowest rates to draw in massive clients to pay them locking fee $35 plus $375 appraisal, and Amerisave will let 60 day rate lock expired via asking additional documents again and again such that Amerisave could charge you “extension fee” each month...

Amerisave / mortgage fees scam


wish i had seen this site first as well. what a scam just to get the $35 credit check fee and $400 "appraisal" fee onto your credit card. appraisal in quotes because i'm a former realtor. and, i've lived in the house i'm trying to refi for 23 years. you might say i know what...

Amerisave / They will find ways to decline your app!


I tried to refinance with Amerisave recently in Sept 2010. My mortgage officer was Christopher Workinger. He does not reply to phone call and very rarely returns emails. After completing all the paperworks and submitted $35 and $325 for appraisal, I waited for a month, before finally...

Amerisave / Refiance / please don't do business with this company


I had a terrible experience with refinancing my house with Amerisave. Both my husband and I have total annual income over $300, 000, with credit score over 760, and we wanted to refinace our house with 520k of loan. We had experincing of purchasing two houses and refinance a few time... / Mortgage Sales Practices


Beware of The loan rates on the site are not what they actually offer and they use high pressure sales and say you are "pre-approved" to get you to commit to the expensive appraisal so you are locked into working with them. The representative will be vague with you on the...

Amerisave / Amerisave Big Problems


Amerisave fooled me and kept hundreds of $$$ of my money! I applied for a refinance with Amerisave in early 2010. I had 35% equity in my house, 805 FICO, no debts, and enough savings to buy the house outright. Yet, after charging me hundreds of dollars for the appraisal, which came in...

Amerisave / denial of loan


AmerisaveI was recently denied a refinance of my home by Amerisave. Their reason for denial was that my documentation was not complete. They made no offer to allow me to submit any information that would comply with their required documentation I had sent Amerisave many, many personal document...