Americas Servicing CompanyMortgage ripoff

This all started a year ago when i was changing homeowners insurance companies. my taxes and insurance are not rolled into my mortgage so i can change them whenever i want. Well, asc got involved in the matter and wanted to hold money in an escrow account because there was a 5 week lapse in coverage. they started taking my money and putting it into a unapplied fund account whenever they did not accept the mortgage payment becuase it was not the amount they were asking for so they did not apply it to my account they put it into a unapplied fund account where they can withdraw late fees, inspection fees, and any other fee they feel like charging. Now they say i have been behind a mortgage payment =for a year now. I have sent all my documents of all of my payments sent and still they will not correct the amount. Now they are sending letters saying that they will foreclose at a certain date if all money is not paid. Ever since wells fargo split and gave asc the mortgage contracts i have had nothing but problems. I have been a wells fargo customer for 15 years and never had a problem with mortgage until last year. What a mess. Collection agency calls everyweekend wondering why i am a month behind. unbelieveable.

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