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D Oct 19, 2019 Review updated:

Friday, October 18, I made a reservation at the hotel for one of my college students. I made the reservation in my name because my company credit card is in my name. Last night he left the hotel to walk across the street to get something to eat. When he returned, the hotel manager blocked him from going to his room. He told him that he needed to show ID. My student showed his key and said that he was a guest in the hotel, but the manager snatched the key and blocked him from entering his room. My student then explained to the manager that all of his personal items were in the room, but again was REFUSED access to the room. I called to ask the manager to allow him back into the room, but was told that I must be physically present. He said tha anytime a guest checks into a room, then the name of each guest must be on the room. I explained that when we checked in, we were together at the front desk, but the lady did not ask for everyone's name. The manager said that it was my job to provide all names and not her place to tell me. Well, I check a lot of students into hotels during our college visits and this is the first time this policy has ever been brought up. I asked the manager if he blocked him from accessing his room because he was a black student. Last night was clear to us, that this hotel discriminated against a young black college student. The manager snatched his key and blocked his access to his room.
The police were notified and they stated that they were not familiar with the policy. The police had to ask the manager to allow us access to the room.
I'm definitely contacting an attorney to file discrimination law suit against the hotel


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      Oct 19, 2019

    Did the manager SAY anything racist? If not, then you are making a judgment/assumption, based on their skin color. Having said that, it is the motel employee's responsibility ( not the guest(s) ) to ensure they have all the information they need from everyone when they check-in. It sounds like the manager could have handled the situation a lot more professionally but calling it discrimination at this point is a stretch.

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