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Since work on main water line on my street my bill has quadrupled. One person with no pool and one bathroom cannot use between 2 and 4 thousand gallons of water a month. I cannot afford a $250 bill. The company refuses to address the issue. I have no leaks anywhere at all, have watered my garden three times all summer, I don't even have an ice maker. If this were remotely true that I use so much water where is it all going?! I had a fifty dollar water bill a couple of years ago. They even billed me when I was in the hospital for almost a month. No one was here. How is that possible?


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    Frank Hensley Dec 24, 2018

    I belive you. They are trying to bill me for 600 gallons a day on average. Im a single guy, have no leaks anywhere, and they confirmed that my meter is not moving when all water is off inside. The how does one guy with one bathroom, a dishwasher, and no washer for the first 3 weeks, average 600 gallons of water use per day? They are idiots.

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