American Red Crossharvey assistance & rude phone representatives


On September 24, 2017 I was approved for the hurricane relief due to my city Corpus Christi being effected. It did not allow me to put in my banking information and therefore, it was sent to Bank of America. I haven't had Bank of America in 7 years. So for 4 weeks and weekly phone calls, no one has called. I was supposed to get a call from a case worker and it's been weeks and no one has called. I was told once the check was sent to Red Cross, I could go online and change my payment method. Every phone I've had, I've gotten a different response. My family could really use that money. Harvey has pushed me back financially because of the money doesn't preparing for a the "what ifs". I find this organization completely disorganized with everything. Why have people answering the phones and they can't help us change anything on our application and lie? The American Red Cross has failed so many people in the state of Texas! Why is it taking so long to change my payment method to Walmart to Walmart?!?!? How long does it take for someone with the access to help, call me back?? My name is Josette Franklin and my email address is [protected] and my cellphone number is [protected]

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