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K Sep 06, 2018

I went to donate blood today at
Tech Credit Union
10951 Broadway
Crown Point IN

I've never donated blood before and noticed the blood donation sign on my way home. I definitely wanted to help out and donate. What was supposed to be (I thought) a good experience turned out to be horrible. There were 2 women working there taking blood. They were so unfriendly and rude. The one woman asked if I had an appointment. I said no. I didn't know I had to make an appointment. She was so unfriendly and telling me that there's other people in front of me. Ok that's fine! I didn't know I had to make an appointment! I'll make the appointment and come back! She didn't have to be so rude. Then she tells me to sign the check in sheet and read a form. Ok now I'm confused. She's telling me to make an appointment to not screw up their schedule but then she tells me to check in and read a booklet. Well I start reading. I'm standing up because there's no place to sit! Another worker comes out and opens a door and tells me to go wait. She was rude too! A woman waiting to give blood speaks up and says she's next. The worker says I know your next I just need to get her (me) out of the way. She was so pushy. I went into the small room and she slams the door shut. So I sit there for a minute to take a breather and digest what just happened. I was so unhappy. I got up, left the little room, scratched my name off the sign in list, and left. What a horrible experience. And from reading other complaints I see that I'm not the only one who's had to deal with rude staff! What is the deal!? Someone at the company needs to get on these people and tell them to be more friendly! Especially when the donors are here to help. If you don't like your job then leave. Don't make a bad experience for people trying to give their time, their blood, and help out.

American Red Cross

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