American Medical Association [AMA]unprofessional treatment and psychological grief

About 3, months ago I noticed my back started hurting. I use to work for the salvation army unloading their trucks with donations hence heavy furniture that people donate.the pain has progressively gotten worse to the point where I'm having trouble walking.i walk a few feet and have to stop until the pain subsides then walk a few more feet.ive been to 5 different emergency rooms two primary care physicians the pain radiates from the left side lower back down my leg into my foot.the pain has become unbearable and effecting my ambulation.the doctors took x-rays that reviled they tried to psycologically minipulate me by telling me there was nothing wrong with me.but x-ray s cannot revile everything .an MRI needs to be confucted. I want to file a complaint against the doctors in east emergency room at lac/usc medical center in Los Angeles 3rd watch shift of attending physicians. Ifeel I wasn't give the care I required and felt that I was psycologically manipulated by trying to make me believe their was nothing wrong with me. I'll submit the attending physicians names a little latter this afternoon thank you very much sincerely Robert Joseph MacConnell 10/09/19

Oct 09, 2019

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