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A Review updated:

This is follow-up information. I have been in contact with an FBI Special Agent out of New York. I have shared my file of contact information concerning American Home Recovery. Please fill out an Internet Crime Complaint Form at

and please contact FBI SA Russel Lehnes at

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  • K
      Sep 23, 2009

    I have a mortgage with US Bank. This mortgage was refinanced in March of 09 bringing my interest rate down to 5.5% which brought my payment to 1070.00 T&I included.
    US Bank knows of my situation as a single mother and a 32, 000 yearly income. I was really suprised this bank has even approved me with this large payment in the first place. Since March, I have lost money at my employment, from them taking my 5% commission away. On top of that my 3 year relationship with my roomate ended, leaving me without an additional 1000.00 a month.
    I just placed a call with US Bank to see what my options were and was totally blown away when she told me there was nothing they could do, could not even talk to me until I was 3 months behind in my mortgage payments. I can not believe there is such a program out there that would place us in a category of a few weeks of losing our homes before you can get anybody to help you out in some kind of payment arrangement.
    Maybe Im old fashioned, but I believe in prevention, before a disaster if available.
    Kristin Simmons
    Nashville, Tn

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