American GirlBeware of security breach at american girl


My wife placed a credit card order with the Wisconsin office. Two days after placing the order our card number was used twice in Wisconsin and once in northern Illinois for almost $ 3, 000 in charges. Prior to this our card has never been used in the state of Wisconsin. The bank knew exactly where the changes had gone. This was not a case of buying merchandise and then vanishing. The card was used to pay individual bills.

I called American Girl three times and kept getting a recording for their "Security Department." None of messages were ever returned. Finally I got a very nice customer service woman who promised to get a message to "Security". Security called me TWO WEEKS later and left a message telling to call the 800 customer service number.

American Girl charges (2) on 1/04 our card
Peoples Energy res of Wisconsin 1/06 $ 753.50
Peoples Energy res of Wisconsin 1/06 $ 753.50 same day different time
COMED of Illinois 1/06 $ 1352.20

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