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American Electric Power Company [AEP] review: Denied electric being switched to my name

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I had switched the electric to my name and was put on HEAP and PIPP due to losing my job and being a single mother. I did know the previous account holder who just wanted the electric out of his name because of how high the electric bill was getting and with the lack of income we were unable to pay a $625 electric bill every month with my rent being $700 alone. After I asked for help with HAPCAP they recommended it being switched to my name in order to get the proper help. Once I got everything started in my name a week went by and when I took my daughter to school I came back and the electric was shut off. They are refusing to do anything to turn it back on until the previous balance was paid. The last time I checked they don’t pay anyones bills and if there is a balance the previous account holder will be responsible. I have animals and children in the household and they do not care. I also have health issues and with it being cold out it’s ridiculous that they are allowed to do this. My landlord has called in and HAPCAP but they still have it on hold until further notice.

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