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There have been many companies to work with my family through COVID with my husband and I both losing out jobs at the beginning of this mess, this company is not one of them by any stretch of the means. I pray to God nobody's family ever gets treated the way we did not has to live one day like we have the last couple years. To start we have quite a high balance on our account, we've just had a bad run and need a bit of a hand up. So when I called they said I could pay around $250 for a small extension, the term notice was for a Wednesday and I got my check in a Fri so all I was asking was originally was TWO DAYS! Not even a week earlier I had gotten a letter they were willing to do whatever it took to work with customers. The agent absolutely refused to help, so I called back to speak with someone else, I got Garret who offered an extension until like 3 weeks later where we'd pay in full, it took him forever in hold to shorten things he finally said everything was set up and we thanked him relief flooding through me we'd be alright... WRONG! Lights out the very next day. We called several times finally getting someone who said they'd listen to the call and if it was their fault we'd be ok, well she didn't actually listen to the call she just read the guys notes then they treat us even more like we are less than because we're poor now we are liars too. if they're agent isn't capable of lying..if they'd listened to the call. I have never in my life been treated so badly just because we are less fortunate at the time. They are demanding the bill be paid in full like I have nearly $1000 if I couldn't cough up 200 right away?! I also checked what it would run to just start a new account and they were terribly nasty for that. I mean what other choice are they giving me!? I'm not just holding the money. I hope nobody ever has ro feel this ashamed and humiliated just because they don't have enough . I am raising my children to respect regardless of class,race,who they love. And to always help someone you never know when it will be you.

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