American Eagle Outfittersfalsely accused of shoplifting


I was falsely accused of stealing 2 shirts from store inside firewheel mall in garland tx. On Saturday December 16th between 10:30 am and 11:30am I stopped at American eagle to possibly buy some shirts. I found two that I might want to try on but then decided not to cause I already know by looking at them that they probably wouldn't work as I am big chested, so I put them on a table by the front and walked out and walked straight into the Spencer's which is clearly visible from American eagles doors. I did not go to my car or have anything on me but my purse. I was wearing tight fitted clothes so if I had anything, it would be visible. I was shopping at the the Spencer's store when I was approached by the police. He asked if I had two shirts. Confused I said Umm... Not yet (I was looking at the shirts at the time) and I said why? He said, "no I mean do you have two in your purse from American eagle?" Umm... No I absolutely do not! He told be that they're saying I stole 2 shirts and walked out and that he needed to search me. Mind you, this is in front of everyone and I was humiliated! He searched everything I had and then quickly said he was sorry and to go about my day. Ohhhh noooo! I don't just simply go about my day now do I? Cause now I'm being watched and assumed to be a thief by not only American eagle, but now everyone here at Spencer's. I went back to confront manager (black lady named shi or chi or something of that nature)to see what happened when she loudly still accused me of stealing, in front of everybody saying two customers saw me put the shirts in my purse. I told her I left them right here and she said, well where are they now? (they were gone by then) I told her I didn't know. The police told her that he searched everywhere on me and found nothing. She doesn't want to admit she's wrong, but insist I'm a thief. And now I can't go back there to shop and I'm criminalized for nothing. I asked to see the evidence that I stole those shirts and she refused. Now, I'm here to say that I know my rights very well. It is not legal to accuse, detain, search or ban me for shoplifting without 100% certainty and evidence that I in fact was guilty. I need to be contacted immediately to resolve this matter because I am certainly going to persue legal action if it's not. I will file a law suit for emotional distress and falsely accused, apprehended, searched and detained under false accusations. I want the video reviewed and for that lady to apologize. I feel like I was stereotyped and my rights were violated. My email address is [protected] Please contact me immediately. I am very upset! I'm so embarrassed. I am not a thief and I'm a frequent shopper at American eagle. That's all my husband wears. But now, I'm not able to go back so I guess we'll find another store. Thanks.

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