American Eagle Outfitterschild labour under age of 16 in factory in (jordan)- supplier complaints

R Aug 14, 2018

First of all I would like to report a recent child labour complain happened in factory in Jordan country one of suppliers you are dealing with, This issue was appeared when (Better Work Jordan) the international labor organization conducted their yearly regular audit in the factory over the past week and they found out that the factory hired one bangladesh girl under the legal age 14 years old and in her passport it was wretten above 18 years old which was completely fake!!!

also as employee in this factory i have personally noticed several similar cases for other ladies working under age of 16 years old and their might be more...

Kindly i need your assistant to stop child abuse activity happening in this factory and please go through each and every person hired carefully as this completely unethical and completely against your code of conduct.

For furhter details you can refer to (Better work jordan) as they can give you all neccssarily details about this matter...

Note: there are many other issues observed which is related to bad situation in labor hostels, not giving overtime and discrimination between employees but they are covering it up very well by their methods...

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