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Unethical behavior and failure to deliver a ticket refund

I used my frequent flyer miles to purchase a first class flight for my mother- in-law, 2 months in advance for a trip. She was very excited for her first time experience in first class.
She was devastated and had unprepared, with food, for the day with a last minute call- Around 9:30 am from shrewd Man from American Airline. The rep verbally abused, insensitive and rude to my mother-in-law and pressured in to giving up her seat, when she verbally declined, he stated " to bad, out of 38 people you answered the phone your loss" I will email you a voucher. " (never rec"d)

I need an answer about this type of call and pressure to release a first class seat.

My mother-in law was upset confused and did not have a meal prepared for her medical condition. She could not use the privileges if first class that would have saved her time. Instead she was forced to find food, as a result of this man, she was forced to eat because she didnt have a meal, due to her sugar levels being out of order. This hardship on her was unjust and he lied about sending the email for the voucher.

This is the nastiest behavior and it is unacceptable

I have advised her never to answer the phone again from American airline due to this incident.
I need an apology from that representative-refund of miles for a first class ticket and the voucher promised to my mother in law.

Please me at [protected] or [protected]

I have made 4 unsuccessful calls this week and not one of your reps has been able to help me

Please do what is right. This is unfair. I flew a lot of times to earn these miles and it is disgusting the way this was handle.

Her email for the voucher [protected]

Oct 06, 2019

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