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Hello my name is Katie Kovac I have been working for amc for a short period of time but have already experienced a bunch of shady things that go on there. I am a server at a d.i.t. ( dine in theatre) and this first thing that happened was my paycheck I did not get my first check until a month of working there because in their system I was "accidentally fired" when I got hired. The manager had to take money out of his wallet so I wouldn't get evicted. Finally I receive my paycheck but am still not in the system so I cannot clock on. I was told when I started there, 3% of my tips go to tip share when in reality in 3% of my net sales and if I don't get tipped that night I have to reach in my personal money and pay them tip share. I am constantly doing busters and runners jobs while the smoke pot in the parking lot., My last few paychecks they have taken 60% of my check and held that money without explanation. When I do get hours I get out into ### movies because they say they need a strong person with their bad eggs to show them the ropes but that's putting a damper on tips. I was told we get paid time and a half for working holidays which is false. On several of my days that I work the schedule says I UN-allocated time and I did not receive pay. In Missouri if your a server it is completely illegal not to pay you minimum wage when you don't make at least minimum wage in tips that week and i have never seen an extra dime. The management expects 110% but when it comes to employee issues they don't care. I have not eaten in 3 days due to having no extra money after bills because they have screwed me over so much .they expect us to do other people jobs and then tip them out at the end of the night even though their all mostly hiding in theaters or smoking in the parking lot. People hide in theaters until they get a chance to leave. Management does not know how to control busters but have no problems telling the servers what to do. They make us run trays and buss theaters because they send all the people home early and even though those people were sent home I still have to tip them out. All in all amc is the worst possible company to work for, they treat their employees like garbage, pay us terribly, and expect us to give 110%


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      Feb 24, 2016

    I currently work for AMC and everything you said is still going on, down to the smoking pot in the parking lot issue. It's crazy to see so many people saying the same thing.

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