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I went in with my kids to see a movie — the day before I hiked pikes peak in colorado for spinal cord injuries to raise funds. My id was left in my backpack - when I went to the bar to order a drink they asked for my id and I said "darn it - must have left in my backpack from hike yesterday" sorry, can't serve you without an id. I said call the manager — he came over about 26 years old and said I am sorry that is our policy. If the state were to come in we could lose our license.

I am 58 years old — are you frickin kidding me — no it is not a compliment - it is ignorance — really 58 and I can't get a beer with a picture id. I understand if you can't tell now-a - days but jesus teach your people some common sense — they should have said "no insult intended but you do look over 21" and laugh it off.

Unbelievable — gee, a cop comes in and see a 58 year old women drinking a beer — how stupid to think "lose a license".

Next time you hire managers/bartenders — teach them not how to be so stupid!!!

Wendy brighton


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      Feb 24, 2016

    This is a policy, you should always have your ID on you anyways. Is it legal to operate a vehicle without a Driver's License? NO. Therefore if you do not have your ID, that's your own issue. There are a lot of circumstances with age discrimination based on how people look, especially nowadays...Some teens look like they're middle aged, some adults look like can't do anything about that. I for one do not look my age whatsoever, so when someone cards me, I respect that because they are just doing their job. Bring your ID next time, respect the person for doing their job and move on.

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      Feb 25, 2016

    I understand where you are coming from but if pulled over by a cop you just have to show them at a later time! This is not about bringing an ID it's about common sense - so you think it was ok for this manager not to serve a war vet because he had Alzheimer's and just forgets - you are so off in another world and need a reality check. Yes people do not look there age -sometimes good sometimes not - your just to stupid to get it -like we need another one like you in this world

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      Feb 25, 2016

    I hope your the manager and you got fired - smarten up

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      Feb 25, 2016

    You do realize this was back in September when I wrote this complaint -- you know like water under the bridge -- you should find a newer post like maybe someone complaining about popcorn -- or not getting light ice - I am sure you will find something to amuse yourself -- like I said "old news"

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      Feb 25, 2016

    COMMON SENSE is all I ask not a brain surgeon

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