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So I puchased a TAG HEUER Watch for my wife prior to Christmas. The watch was around 1000.00 dollars. When I recieved the watch it was beautiful however when reviewing the warranty card it was not attached. Apparently Amazon will now assume responsibility of the watch for two years. Because Amazon contracts through a third party company for the watch repairs the third party company only will repair the mechnism itself, not the crystal face, crown, bezel or band. However if the watch due to manufacturer defect was compromised in some way TAG HEUER's warranty would be responsible for the repairs. There is a section in the third party warranty form that you must print off of the website that also reads that some states may be able to recieve full coverage under the warranty but they neglect to mention what states those may be. So at this time my watch is not even broken and it's taken roughly four days to get no where by phone and by emial despite making contacts. At this point after speaking to an Amazon Supervisor Angel who was very understanding and sympathetic she had explained to me that you cannot reach that section of Amazon by phone and they would email me. That already reaks of poor customer satisfaction. I'm not sure how Amazon makes out in this deal by offering a third party to service such an expensive watch but I suspect someone is making money somehow off of this. My biggest issue with this is that this is not immediately mentioned to the purchaser when purchasing a watch from Amazon. This also was not a merchant working through Amazon this was purchase from Amazon by Amazon. I would quetion any warranty through and do some research as far as the watch it is number #WAF1414.BAO812 TAG HEUER Women's 2000 Aquaracer Watch. Again for clarification purposes the watch and the price were great however Amazon's ability to assume the original warranty is horrible.


  •   Dec 23, 2009



    If you have any questions for me feel free to contact me.

    James The Jeweler


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      Feb 05, 2010

    I am looking to purchase a Tag Heuer watch from as well. I easily found that is NOT an authorized dealer and that their guarantee was in lieu of Tag Heuer's warranty. If you are concerned about having Tag Heuer's warranty, next time man up and go to an authorized dealer and pay the full retail price of $1, 500 for your wife's watch.

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      Feb 05, 2010

    I am looking for a watch on Amazon and I easily found that Amazon is NOT an Authorized Dealer, which is why they offer their 2-year warranty in lieu of Tag Heuer's. If you are really concerned about getting a Tag Heuer warranty, man up, go to a Tag Heuer Authorized Dealer and pay the full retail price of $1, 500 for your wife's watch. Authorized Dealer is aka "No Discounts!"

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      Sep 29, 2011

    I am very upset with Tag Heuer's International Warranty Service. I received my watch less than a year ago as a gift with the warranty card included. About 4 months in, the crown would not screw in for some reason I do not know (I've read that this is a common problem). The watch was used properly and I did not damage it in any way. I shipped my watch to their authorized service center in NJ only to find that the warranty card was not filled out correctly and therefore not accepted. I also learned that their warranty only covers the movement of the watch, so the crown would cost me about $100 in parts. I was okay with that. However, the additional maintenance charge of $200 which is normally covered by warranty was not going to be covered. Why? Not because my warranty card was incomplete, but because I had damaged the crown myself as indicated by tool marks??? They were claiming that I damaged the crown because there were tool marks, but I never put any tools on the watch nor do I remember any marks shown on the crown.

    For this reason, I will never buy another Tag again. I am unhappy with my watch due to their warranty service and wish I could just sell it for another brand :(

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      Sep 27, 2013
    Tag Heuer Repair Service - Abhorrent customer service at a snails pace
    Tah Heuer LVMH
    New Jersey
    United States

    I brought two watches into a Tag store. They sent them to the service center for repairs.

    After two weeks I get an email for Tag 1, about 15 years old, paid ~$1500, it worked when I put it away assumed it needed a new battery, response comes back that the watch is bricked, not repairable, it is old and they no longer make parts for it, no further explanation, suggested I go to an independent jewler, offered 10% off on new watch, shipping it back to me, so much for heirloom quality, my conclusion: the product is disposable?

    After two and a half weeks I get an email on Tag 2 F1 Chrono, about 3 years old, paid ~ $1000 at Costco, I assumed a bracelet repair since pins had come out, surprised they can’t fix this in the store since they do sizing there when you buy one, estimate comes back full overhaul for $306 (which includes sales tax on all service charges, hmm that’s odd), I had a cleaning and battery replacement about a year ago, I try to authorize the repair through the excruciatingly slow web site where I eventually get redirected to paypal, I just what to use my credit card, I call customer service wait about five minutes live human says they can only accept payments through paypal online, I inquire about only having the bracelet fixed she will set up a ticket and have someone look at it and send me an estimate (really?), confirms that my other watch was bricked it is too old, my frustration level is now sky high, ” just send the watch back to me”, “you can do that online” click, wow!, conclusion: If and when I get my watch back I’ll take it to my friendly jewelry who is always pleasant and happy to have my business, looks at it within the hour with an estimate, gets it back to me in a few days and charges about half as much

    Overall conclusion is that Tag juts sucks… my money like a vacuum with no regard for me as a customer and does not care about any future business or how many people I share my sad story with, how French of them, I can only assume that this carries across all the LVMH brands (list here ) which I will also now avoid like the plague. Storied Swiss watch brand gets bought by arrogant moneygrubbing French conglomerate – service and quality turns to c***.

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      Dec 09, 2014

    I bought a formula 1 tag watch and its only a year with complaint about the date being late after 8 months to the store, sent out for warranty after 3x of complaint, How can a expensive watch be in warranty repair in less than a year? Just an indication of a poor quality watch, will never buy or recommend it again! Stay with cheaper watch they last longer.

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