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Anubhav malik the owner of amunlockers is a scam! He has scam me out of 500 and will not give it back. They do not offer any services ont he website that is real! Do not use them you will be scammed! They will tell you that they have submitted request to buyers and then will tell you its your fault that the supplier could not fix it, or unlock it! Do not use owned by anubhav malik

Anubhav malik


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      Oct 18, 2017

    We have a clientele of 1500+ happy clients .
    You will not see any complaints except this .
    We have more than 100 different services of different prices on our website. This man sent us the payment 500USD for a particular service which was not working at that moment . That doesnt mean the website is fraud!
    We have specifically written on homepage terms and conditions:
    * Credits are NOT REFUNDABLE as Money. If your order is rejected, you will receive credits back instanly, Credits Will Remain Available in Your Account To Be Used With Any Available Service Provided By This Server.
    * Credits Purchased For Unlocking will not be Refunded To Your Paypal / Bank Account or As Money.

    And while sign up, user agreed to the terms and conditions . Now he is asking opposite to the terms and conditions he already accepted .
    This is unacceptable.
    We did not deducted a single penny from his account . His orders were rejected and credits were added back into his account so that client can re use it for different orders . ( ACCOUNT STATEMENT ATTACHED )

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      Nov 28, 2017

    @Anubhav M Then reactivate my account! So that i can have access to the funds that you are stealing!

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