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L Nov 19, 2017 Review updated:

COMPLAINT- NONAGENT FRAUD Unethical Behaviour Richardson Agency, Erin Richardson & Brian Braswell 11730 Jones Bridge Rd Ste E Johns Creek GA. Brian Braswell is giving insurance quotes, explaining coverage & taking payment. He saids he will take our policies with him no matter where he goes. he also pressures wants us to buy modere products from him, his mlm. the policy ends up being much more & others have complained of double. Brian promises it will go down, that he has to make his commission and then it can be cancelled. also he saids that money will be made from signing up for the mlm modere, and modere profit will pay the difference in the increase of insurance. this brian sells these products from the agency & shows on his Face Book page a welcome of agent owner erin richardson. i received a identity report that my driving record was pulled & i never gave Brian or this agency, or erin richardson permission. i now learn that this guy is a fraud, he is not even an agent or supposed to be doing this type of work. the owner erin richardson, knows that he is quoting & acting as an agent, going over coverages, selling other business & getting peoples personal & credit info. he has people call on his cell phone. he brags about having an office at allstate richardson agency & goes on & on about how much he & his husband keith make, what they do & this owner & agent erin richardson being a part of the enterprise & working for him. brian talked about this man joey being a fraud & he catching him but brian is causing rates to go up and do a business he's not licensed to do, he is squirmy. everyone at the agency is in on it. everyone at the apartment complex now knows about him & this agent. he has his mom do work at the agency too, shes not an agent either. what a sham of an agency & owner to allow this & not care about the integrity of her clients and the public. is it that hard to sell insurance that people like this guy are hired to misrepresent quotes, overcharge and addon to just get a policy.


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      Nov 20, 2017

    Your complaint is very hard to read due to your grammar and run-on sentences.

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