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allstate adjuster came out to our home due to storm damages to our roof. We have had excessive leaking in the closet and den.Brown spots are on the ceiling due to the rain leaking in from the roof. There are loose shingles on the back side of the house that were caused from wind damage. we've had two adjusters from allstate to come out and inspect the roof. The first adjuster said we had wind damage and cracks around the chimney. The first adjuster also instructed for us to put tar around chimney and it should fix the leak in roof. I told him it was further damage in the attic but he did not care to look at it.We were given an estimate of $643.92 which did not include damages in the attic due to him not caring to go up in the attic and examine it. We contacted Allstate after doing the suggested repairs to inform that the leakage had worsened. The claim agent Mrs. Stephanie Jackson said she would send out a second adjuster to reinspect the roof and attic. The second adjuster came out and met me and mr. corey barbee who owns a roofing company to go over the damages mr. barbee discovered a week prior to the allstate agent meeting us at my home. the allstate adjuster mr, montgomery and mr.barbee went up on the roof and both agreed to hale and wind damages seen on the roof. mr.montgomery and mr.barbee were shown pictures of the inside of the attic taken by me.when the mr.montgomery with allstate called back he stated that he saw no damages and denied coverage. he also implied that he felt as if mr.barbee was a friend of mine who was gun ho about getting me new roof and a check in my hand. THen my wife spoke with mr.montgomery's manager mr.woods and he stated that the first adjuster from allstate that came out must have been trying to help us out with money because from the pictures he was viewing he did not see wind or hale damages.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Feb 06, 2022 10:53 am EST
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Allstate denied claim for hail damage to roof. Used contracted adjuster from Hancock which I found had bad ratings and complaints on BBB. Adjuster claimed damage was heat blisters which I think is new term to keep from paying a claim. Almost everyone in my area had roof damage from hail storm and was replaced. I had several inspections that all cited damage by hail. Pictures showed widespread damage that resulted in granular filling my gutters since the storm. Allstate said they would send a second/different adjuster. Same person and company called and said they would just sent same reported. Contacted the Allstate Claim contact which has not responded. Received letter from Allstate giving various reasons why claim already denied.

Have been with Allstate over 50 years and always defended why I pay more for Allstate due to handling of claims. No More and shopping for new insurance. May consider legal action as I see many people with same issues with Allstate.


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