Allied Universal / Aus.comguard was harassing me and kicked me out for no reason.

i was at the South Bay Galleria mall yesterday, waiting on my family to get out of the movie theatre. I was waiting in the seating area by the Amc theatre by myself, As i am outside waiting, around 11pm a guard approaches me to ask me what i was doing . I politely let him know that i had people who were in the movie theatre whom i was waiting on. He still kept harassing me standing near me, until he asks me if i had a car i could go sit in, i proceeded to tell him no and if there were a problem with me waiting at in the theatre area. He responds saying yes that i had to clear the area. I was completely by myself causing no harm to anyone just waiting on the movie to finish. I told him that i would leave after trying to make the phone call out telling me family that i was being kicked out while waiting . In my other ear he is rushing me, telling me that i'm trespassing causing problems, so we proceed to go back and forth, he then calls another security guard to make it seem as if i was a criminal . while escorting me out the mall he was making slick comments under his breathe laughing with the other security . i honestly feel that i was targeted due to my sexual preference or my ethnicity . The security was a Caucasian Male name Lieutenant S. Wertheim, Badge Number 174184 working with Allied Universal . i feel that he must take serious consequences for his improper behavior, as well as for harassing me and kicking me out the mall while they were still open . if i do not get in contact with someone in higher authority i will be taking this cause into a more serious matter .

Allied Universal /
Allied Universal /

Oct 07, 2019

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