Alcatelcellular phones and customer service

I am going to start boycotting Alcatel and any product they sell from this point on. Every single one of their phones are garbage. Even when their current line have better looking screens, they still suffer from glitches that makes it difficult to tap into them. This along with MANY other problems such as lag and unresponsiveness makes their phones very difficult to even use for a phone call. The last phone I got from their line was an Alcatel 7, which has a big screen and big internal memory but suffers from the *same* problems every single phone they make do. The phone died out just a MONTH after purchase and I tried to call for manufacturer's warranty and they would only try to fix that thing if I *paid* for shipping instead of just sending a label like they used to to get it to fedex or ups and send it their way for free. This is nonsense. I don't need to pay them anything when t heir products are garbage and break down moments after being bought. I am fed up with this cheap company and I will NEVER buy anything from their brand EVER again.

Oct 10, 2019

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