Alabama Powerelectric service


Alabama power is one of the few companies I know of that do not care about actual customer service. Their intent is never to take care of the customer, regardless of what the situation is. You can be going through every crisis in the world, and ask to speak to as many supervisors as you want, requesting something as simple as a 2 day extension outside of what the automated system is allowing, and they will turn you away, putting you in an even worse situation than the original issue. Now, not only do you have a balance with them (which is now an outstanding balance), but you're also responsible for a reconnect fee, and you and your family have no power. Now if you took the time to call and notify them of the issue, should that not be taken into consideration? Should it not be taken into consideration that if you did not have the original balance due, that it may be almost impossible for you to provide the original amount along with the $150 reconnect fee that is now also required for you to get your family out of the dark? I understand that some situations are not justifiable for varying reasons, but something as simple as the request of 2 extra days to give them all of the money owed, being denied is beyond me. They simply tell you no, with no remorse or concern for the customer at all. There has never been a time where i've contacted alabama power and felt I was assisted as best as possible. Is customer care not important to the company at all?

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