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This message is to ALABAMA POWER company, to file a claim for power outage,
On or about July 04 while sitting at my computer, i heard a loud boom like sound, my first reation was a storm was brewing, After i saw there was no storm, shortly that i called ALABAMA POWER to let them know my power had gone out,
I aw told by one of your rep. that nothing was wrong, that i had plenty of power, i continue to try to get my lights to come on, , (nothing would work), shortly after this i called an electrician, He showed up, and told me that my service wire was had broke, Can you imagine being in a house without lights, without air condition for six or seven days, and you are over eighty years old, I could not plug anything into any reciple, , all them were out, my freezer had shut down, could not plug a fan, the main fain had blown out, Radio stopped working, ALABAMA POWER MAN did come, on about the July 30th and fix the wires.
I called a second electrician, he came and got my lights working.
I paid him 300.00 dollars for his service, In addition to that my fan blew out co0st 99.00 dollars one radio cost 50.00 dollars,
I live off a 1000.00 a month, you gotta know that this was not in my budget, I believe my total out out of picket to be 449.00
that i wish to recover, THANK YOU -Hubert Thomas accpount #[protected].

Aug 07, 2019
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  • Dr
      Aug 19, 2019

    It started on June 21, I brought a Dell Insperion 3000 model 5552. It worked one hour before it stopped working and would NOT power back on. After I and I mean I fought with Dell, they was saying the computer was OUT of warranty. They sent me a replacement..used computer lasted Maybe 2 days. And where was Alabama power..NOWHERE
    to be found to help with the problem
    at hand. They even charging me FOR a computer that didn't work since day one.They have done nothing but open their mouth and lie to me..Saying that Dell is responsible for the problem. HELLO..not making payments to Dell you idiots it is Alabama..power..So BeWare of this people and their lies and passing the buck to another when it is them that sold the worthless computer and they lie about how the power goes up at certain times of a year..SAYING it was me. HA ha. Strange I told them.. I haven't changed a thing I was doing.. liars liars that's all they are

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