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D Jul 18, 2019

For some reason I give birth with criminal charges is what I am supposed to do. Dhr gave me no rights to speak when leaving the hospital and now never did much but a safety plan. I guess I didn't have any parental rights for two months. But I have my aunt to help me for two months, and that was a obviously wrong moral for her. I was humiliated and embarrassed like my first class in school at the hospital. Now I'm 10 months postpartum and pregnant again. Same thing that's scary is I can't decide a different hospital now there is no option and no brain for me no thought when I come back. I think my social worker told me she was having lunch on the phone once in two months. ? What is wrong with these people if I file a lawsuit it will be the hospital next going in for my next birth. I have no choice but to do anything I can.

  • Updated by Destiny parker · Jul 18, 2019

    September 4, 2018 was the day my son was born and my name is destiny Parker, I have not a good faith in any work here. I have had a case open for two months prior to whom it may concern. And returning to this state of mind and birth of normal pregnant women. Going to only one choice of my hospital and pediatric is a mother's concern. I gave birth and avoided confronting anyone about medical negligence on my behalf. Later my time darkened in this hospital and a social worker did works before letting me know I'm not going home with my baby. Yes that's mysterious my baby's discharge summary and more didn't rise to anything. I have more time with my baby on the safety plan still because I have my aunt living nearby. I spoke this young young lady my age and she just told me about two months into the case she is having lunch don't call me on the phone and next that the case was for me to talk about, it ended in two months. That's okay I said alright and never had to continue this crazy feeling I don't sometimes do everything right. I just became a mother and it was so not evidence base and I never want this hospital baptist east to visit my newborn again. I have my same question if this will be resolved with a lawyer. Please reach out for more information regarding much more. Thanks

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