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Resolved network problem at hubli unit

We are having the corporate connections of Airtel post paid about 30 connections, at our hubli unit of vaatsalya hospital getting frequent problem in network we are not able to talk for 5 min. continuously.

We have asked for the solution long back to put booster in the building, despite of repeatedly telling no action is there so far.

In future it is not going to happen then we will be forced to withdraw all the connections.

Resolved it falsely claims that it is part of airtel india

Following correspondence with reference to my complaint with paypal brings out how they misled me with reference to their associaton with Airtel of India and their prompt service.
From Buyer -
3/28/2010 05:28 PDT
They promised to activate international calling in 15 minutes but it is more than 12 hours and is now useless for me. Also, they claimed that they are a part of tyhe reputed company - airtel, India - which is false.

From Seller - Airtel USA Inc
3/29/2010 20:27 PDT
Account was created and activated within stipulated time and details were immediately sent to [protected] We delivered the service within proper time.No one committed false as we are US based corporation and doing business as per the land of the law.

From Buyer -
3/30/2010 06:10 PDT
Your representative falsely led me on telephone to believe that you are a part of Airtel of India. That is the reason why I subscribed in the first place. Secondly, he promised to create and activate account within 20 minutes which was not done. I do not want to deal with a company which gives false impressions and which cannot fulfil its time commitments. I have not activated my account and I would like the full amount to be refunded.

  • Shekhar Sharma May 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi All,

    If you have any Queries, Issues or Doubts, Please feel free to contact me at +91 9345170426, 1-8777-777-0478 ( Ext - 407 and 408 )

    You can also Send a mail to me at: [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

    The Website's User Login Page is Disabled as we send dedicated User Login Details to all our Customers who wishes to have it. In the past Our Website was Hacked and it effected many of Our Valued Customers.

    I would also like to make an Honest Request, if you have genuine issue please mention your Contact Details, like Your Phone Number and Email Address.

    Thanking you all in Advance,

    Best Wishes,

    Shekhar Sharma | Customer Relations Manager
    Airtel USA Inc | 3728 E Woodbine Road | Orange | CA 92867-2112 | | |
    A FCC 214 International Telecom Carrier Company

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  • Shekhar Sharma May 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Editor,

    We request you to Provide us your Contact Number, so that we can get in Touch with Personally and Talk more about the False and Fake Complaints and negative Comments which are Posted on Your Website.

    As we have Tried all Possible ways to get in touch with the Person who has Posted all False Complains, but there were no use. I can Assure you that it is done by Agents who gets Terminated from the Company / Call Centers who runs Our Pinless Calling Card Process.

    Please feel free to contact me at 1-8777-777-0478 ( Ext - 407 and 408 ) from 9 AM EST to 9PM PST, and you can find out whether we receive Calls or Not.

    You can also Send a mail to me at: [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] to check whether we Reply Your Mail or Not.

    We can Prove you that the Negative Comments and Fake Complains Posted on Your Website is Completely False.

    Please try to Understand that when Our Customers will come to see these kind of Posting, what they will feel. We might lose them even.

    Hope you will check into the Matter and Help us by deleting the Negative Comments and Fake Complains. If I can have your USA Number, be it your Mobile Phone or Land Phone, we wish to Create an Free Account for you, so that you can Test Our Service and make a Decision.

    Thanking you in Advance,

    Best Wishes,

    Shekhar Sharma | Customer Relations Manager
    Airtel USA Inc | 3728 E Woodbine Road | Orange | CA 92867-2112 | | |
    A FCC 214 International Telecom Carrier Company

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Resolved apalling services and cust care

I am writing this after so much of harassment caused by Airtel DTH services and their unprofessional call centre chaps to me that I am repenting the very day that I choose Airtel DTH services. And after all that I have gone through I have decided to boycott their mobile phone services and sell all the shares of Airtel that I currently hold

My problem started when I purchased my LG LCD TV in Oct 2009, I got an Airtel digital TV activation Kit along with the TV and, this, perhaps was one of the reason for going for LG LCD TV.

This DTH was installed in my premises on 29 oct 2009 However for some strange reasons best known to Airtel I was not given any customer ID for 4 months – an anomaly that was realized when I wanted to recharge my connection during last week of FEB 2010.

It is at this time that my ordeal started and I used to be on phone for hours at a stretch talking to customer care stating my problem only to be told that I cannot be helped as I was not having a customer ID not realizing that not having cust ID was my exact problem. During one of these calls I was told that the activation kit no that I have provided has already been installed to some other customer in gurgaon. Numerous calls to the Nodal officer Punjab proved futile as either he did not pick up the phone or his phone came busy.

The second blunder committed by me was on 23 march 2010 when I asked for the second time a new Airtel DTH to be installed at my premises. My happiness this time lasted only 3 days as on 26 march the services were discontinued saying that my acct in not recharged(this is when I was given four months free economy package). Once again my calls to the call centre proved futile and I was shocked when I told them my cust ID they informed me that it was activated in someone else’s name.

Now Nothing but a refund of my money will satisfy me. I request Airtel Authorities to get their 2 STB, s and 2 antenna’s collected from my premises after giving my refund otherwise I am left with no recourse but to seek intervention of consumer court to end my mental and financial harassment.

  • Sr
    Sree Murugan May 16, 2010

    The DTH offered by Airtel is by far the worst service ever provided ever! I have actively ensured that two of my friends do not subscribe to Airtel DTH that is the extent of the poor service by Airtel!!! I hold three accounts with Airtel.. Two Postpaid mobile connections and one Broadband internet connection, finally the fourth one was the DTH to which I subscribed hardly a month ago and am already disgusted with this people.. At this point it is my obligation to mention that I hold all this only against the DTH division of Airtel while I have been impressed by the mobile and internet service!

    And now to describe the pathetic experience..

    (1) Subscribed to the Rs 999/ offer exclusive for existing Airtel customers. The representative I spoke to said I have to pay Rs 999/- and the STB & installation would be free of cost after which every month's rental would be detected from the already deposited Rs 999/- Loved the plan subscribed immediately only to discover later on that I was duped (Airtel interation ID 57889952)

    (2) In the Airtel online account I can add my postpaid connection and internet under one login to make payments or refer to past activity. This facility is supposedly for the DTH connection too but I could not add my DTH account. I call up the customer care and they leave me on hold indefinitely. This happens 2 times before finally somebody speaks up saying that I will have to register DTH online account separately as there is some technical glitch but DOES NOT offer to take a complaint nor promises that she will forward the issue to the concerned department.

    (3) I try calling the Nodal Officer at 4210 2783 for Chennai, but not once could I get in touch with the people there. I send a mail to '[email protected]' and '[email protected]' on May 6, 2010 for which I get a call on May 14, 2010 from a +911146867900, when I was promised in the automated reply that "we shall revert to you within 3 days". So much for setting an expectation!!! He does not resolve anything, he asks me some questions I dont quite remember and I ask him about this [email protected] value pack ( he says call up 121 from your airtel landline and they will help you. So I ask him, "I thought you called up to help me on this" for which he repeats the same thing. Fed up I say thanks and call up 121 from my landline only to be redirected to call 1 800 102 8080 or 12150 from my Airtel mobile.

    (4) And now for the BEST PART.. My Airtel DTH is due for a recharge as it on May 15, 2010. I come across this offer which says [email protected] value ( and I wanted to know if this offer can be availed for existing customers. I call up the customer care and this time I started recording the call. The first guy is barely able to speak english and it turned out that I was helping him, making him understand my query, rephrasing it and so on. This guy Ram says blatantly "I don't know sir, please call after half-an-hour and the next person answering may help you!" and when I stressed that I need to talk to his TL and needed his employee ID he put me on hold indefinitely.

    After waiting for at least 15mins on hold I cut the call call the customer care again but I call them 15mins earlier than what Mr. Ram advised me upon. This time I encounter Mr. Karthikeyan who is much better in english but still could not help me out with the plan and was this time rudely enough was disconnected from the call..!! All this in spite of informing Mr. Karthikeyan that I'm recording the conversation.
    Though am not able to upload the audio file please watch out for this space as am going to send both recordings to the above email id to and the nodal officer, hoping to get a at least a decent response this time. And I will keep the viewers posted about the proceedings and also in other forums..

    Oh yeah I'm taking it upon myself to make sure the people at the helm of schemes in Airtel DTH get to know what really is going on in their division and am also making sure that at least my personal contacts do not venture anywhere close to even enquiring about Airtel DTH.. VIRAL MARKETING at its best!!! ;)

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  • Sr
    Sree Murugan May 27, 2010

    Thanks Rakesh for taking immediate steps to resolve the issue. I receieved a call within two days of posting this above, got a call from one Ms. Neenu and she explained that the offer I asked for was related to IP TV. On the onset of the call she said someone will call me up to explain the difference between IP TV and DTH which I did not receive till now but am happy that they at least took an initiative to resolve the complaint. And yes the other technical glitch mentioned in Point (2) above still persists but they said they will look into it with no further follow up by the team.

    Well all I can say is that they are at least listening, lets hope the resolution also comes by!

    Sree Murugan

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  • Ts
    T. SYED ABUTHIR Jun 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hai sir my satbox.complaint... come to error code :sm2 my id 0004800362

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Resolved getting sms from 5432105 without even subscribing and having the

I'm getting sms of matrimonial services which i have never subscribed for from 5432105 I want to...

Resolved sim registration

sir i m using airtel [protected] from last 5years on 22/03/2010 airtel disconnected my sim registration bec of mismatch my identificatoin from there side n i talked in custmer care 121 they suggest i hv to go outlet n i said to 121 i already converted this number on my name on dated 14aug2006 at his krishna nagar outlet but in outlet they said its ur mistake than i approach nodal officer n applet officer they aggreed ki its our mistake buy u hv to wait for 1week to again avail our services n they also said nobody do anything for u.sir pldo my favour in this situation n now they are saying from our side v r not able to start again this number sir its my buissness number if they dont start i lost my customers n my payments do something n revert

  • Ba
    bangaloresunil Apr 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am the person suffering coz of airtel’s mistake…. all details are in the e-mail communication

    From: Sunil Kumar
    Subject: Re: REGARDING DE ACTIVATION OF MY CONNECTION : 8971474397 [|BAL|8971474397|204201013010|]
    To: [email protected]
    Cc: [email protected]
    Date: Friday, April 2, 2010, 11:29 AM

    the mail that you have sent is just copy and paste and the content is not been given any importance too.

    forward this to managers and if possible to their managers……..

    why dont you get me another sim with the same amount of currency ?

    its your mistake and you got to take the responsibility………….

    i guess i have to post a comment stating what happend to me and the worst experience with airtel coz of your internal mistake………. it is ongoing process till your terminate useless staff of yours and stop sucking customers money coz of your mistake.

    i dont grow money nor i cheat ppl like you do…………. forward this mail to your managers for having developed worth less rules which are sopiling customer willingness to go for your connection…………………. andk also for having useless staff


    Sunil Kumar


    — On Fri, 4/2/10, [email protected] wrote:

    From: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: REGARDING DE ACTIVATION OF MY CONNECTION : 8971474397 [|BAL|8971474397|204201013010|]
    To: “Sunil Kumar”
    Date: Friday, April 2, 2010, 8:06 AM

    Dear Sunil Kumar,

    Thank you for contacting Airtel.

    According to your email dated on 02/04/2010, regarding your Airtel mobile number 8971474397.

    We regret the inconvenience caused in this regard.

    We regret to inform you that your number has been permanently disconnected dated on 17/03/2010 due to Negative verification. Further, there is no option to reactivate the number and process the refund for the same.

    For further assistance, mail us at [email protected]

    We would be glad to have your feedback on our response. Please click on the below link to provide your feedback.

    We thank you and value your association with Airtel.

    Warm Regards

    Ramya priya p
    Customer Care
    Bharti Airtel Limited

    To leave your feedback on the current interaction, please use the below hyperlink
    Click here to provide Feedback.

    Or, if you cannot click on the above link, please copy the full URL from below and paste the URL in your web browser. 8 E7B8485848A8CF110798584898BFE 2 3 F7795F1147597F1117C9CFC1C&refno=204201013010

    Simplify Life with Airtel Selfcare. Just dial *121# and get instant information related to your account on your Mobile Screen.

    ———Original Message———-
    From: Sunil Kumar
    To: [email protected]
    Cc: [email protected]
    Sent: 02/04/2010 16:37:25
    Subject: regarding de activation of my connection : 8971474397


    My name is sunil and i have got a free airtel simcard on purchase of mobile
    from basaveshwarnagar MobileStore, on 26th of feb 2010 and a currency was also
    added to this number same day.

    I have submitted my DL as address proof and provided the photo, signed in the
    forms, now airtel ppl say that the address is not matching.

    Presently this particular number is cancelled due to address verification
    failed. Now the number is in the name of Krishna murthy or krishna kumar not
    very sure about his name and his address.

    Today I went to airtel outlet regarding the same issue, they said nothing can
    be done and they told me i need to contact the person from where i got the SIM
    card. Then i went to mobile store and got it confirmed that the documents were
    submitted to airtel.

    Now i have no other option and called airtel many times and spoke to :

    1) Sneha

    2) Anusaya

    3) Parthasarathi

    all are flour supervisors, every one are saying that SIM card should be
    purchased only from airtel outlet.

    In this case

    1) why are you selling airtel SIM in retail on foot path, in front of shopping
    malls and other areas…… are they fake ?

    2) if the documents provided at the time of submission is correct and the
    currency is added to my number then how did the documents got manipulated ?

    3) as a customer what else can i do, i have gone to verify why this happened at
    airtel outlet and gone to shop from where i got the airtel sim and spoke to the
    person who accepted the documents and they work for Airtel, called customer
    care many times……

    This is purely your mistake in handling the documents and process that you
    follow is also shows that you want to eat away customers money and there is no
    one to assist.

    They say that they will give 30 days time to submit the documents and they have
    terminated the connection on 17th of march……. all these days i have been
    trying to converse for solution and today they say that “nothing can be

    What happened to my SIM card and the Currency that i put on this

    The documents from mobile stores was handed over to Airtel employee
    Santosh(9945323415) and here after the to airtel… so non handling of
    documents is happening at your end.

    Its not just my issue at mobile stores but many customers are facing this
    issue. People are showing their dissatisfaction towards the processing and the

    My question is till the time the customers documents are confirmed they will
    not activate it, but after confirmation only they add currency…… when there
    is such a stupid act which took place at your end, why cant you return our

    now my documents is miss used…… i dont know who is using my documents for
    their number….if it is wrong hands then you are responsible…

    I want my money back and i want the connection too… if not this number, some
    other number will also be fine.

    SIM details : 89914500030080598277

    MSISDN : 8971474397

    IMSI : 404450308059827

    PKD Dt : 22/01/10

    I am also user of airtel connection…… i have changed my family member¿s
    numbers from other operators to airtel, saying that this is the best….. but
    now i am shaken and cant believe there is lot of cracks within airtel.

    My details : Sunil Kumar. N

    Ph : 9900322377

    I am available till sunday in bangalore.

    awaiting a quick response from you…

    Sunil Kumar


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  • Ba
    bangaloresunil Apr 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Who said its resolved, what do you mean by resolved, could you please explain ?

    dont blindly make a statement or never do copy and paste job...think in which angle you find it to be resolved...

    The same SIM card is registered to two different customers... how is this possible? its all your mistake in internal process.

    Two days before i got the Airtel SIM, the same has been taken by another customer... and how do you think it is solved...?

    Who is that brainless person who asked you to make such statements...
    with out having done anything never update the status as "Resolved"

    You better work loyally for salary what you are getting.

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  • Pe
    Peter Boachie Jun 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please have you come out with any short code where one can use to verify if his/her SIM card has been properly registered?

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  • Ab
    Abdullah Amir Jun 07, 2013

    Abdullah Amir 105/70 chamamganj Kanpur U P 208001 mobil no 9936849575 outgoing not woark

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Resolved id proof related

I'm Santosh Kumar Potta, and i took a airtel prepaid SIM card (no:[protected]) along with my PAN card and...

Resolved service de-activation

I have been using Airtel Mobile service since Dec 2005. My Mobile No. [protected]. On 27th Jan'2010 they have asked me to submit my ID proof and residence proof at 5pm and they have disconnected my service the same day at 6.30pm. I have submitted all the documents on 27th Jan'2010, the same day to the Airtel employee Mr. Prasad (Mobile No.[protected]) in Paradise branch. Again in the month of Feb'2010 twice it got disconnected I called up Mr. Prasad for assistance he did not show any interest. He did not resolve the issue. and I twice got it activated from the known source. On 18th March2010 again It got the service got disconnected. when I called Mr. Prasad again he was very rude and not ready to talk to me on this issue. then I took his superior Mr. Satya's Mobile No([protected]) and explained him the problem. He said he will activate the service the same day by afternoon but it is five days now he did not activate the service till now even after the regular follow ups. <br />
It is disgusting that with the negligence of your employees I have lost my goodwill. I request you to resolve the problem immediately and take necessary action against the above said employees.<br />
<br />
regards<br />
<br />
Aruna<br />
E-mail Id- [protected]<br />
contact me on [protected]

Resolved tall empty promises on free upgrade from 1 mbps to 2 mbps with a rs. 100 add-on!

Telephone companies are the second biggest scammers after the worldwide Pharmaceutical Fraud.

I am on a Freedom 1699 1 Mbps Unlimited plan since December 2009. First off was one bitter ordeal to get the lousy/ unbelievably sloppy Airtel personnel to get my line up and running and they set me on a wild goose chase for two weeks after they took my money & finally activated my connection (several calls and threats later) !! I had promised my overseas clients that I had everything in place with the transit and I would be online within 5 business days maximum and these unprofessional ###s made me lose my face right in the beginning only to add Insult to Injury !

An executive from Bangalore called me on the 8th of March 2010 with an exciting new offer. "Sir we are happy to give out a new offer you are eligible for double broadband speed at a measly add-on of Rs. 100 and you get to make calls for the same amount local or STD and you will get 2 Mbps from your present 1 Mbps speed within 7 days if you opt for this upgrade." To which I said Yes, Please do ! And the caller said my speed would be upgraded in 7 working days maximum.(today is the 20th of March ! )

On the 11th of March 2010, I received an SMS that said "Pay just Rs. 100 per month and double your Airtel Broadband speed from 1 MBPS to 2 MBPS. Also get free call value worth Rs. 100. SMS DELIGHT to 53636 to activate (Sender AX-Airtel- 17:17:19 - 03/11/2010) which I opted in and right away and received a confirmation that said

"Thank you for subscribing to Airtel DELIGHT Offer. The offer will be activated and you can enjoy the benefits within 96 hours - Team Airtel at 17:29:13 the same day March 11th 2010.

I called up 121 to confirm the same and the call center executive said it would be done within the time frame that was promised earlier on and i would be billed on a prorata basis.

I again called up Airtel customer service this morning to let them know that the upgrade is yet to take effect after 12 days i.e., 288 hours later & the call center guy gave me a complaint # [protected] and confirmed that the new plan has been upgraded at their end on the 17th and i could expect the 2Mbps speed in a day or two maximum. I get a call at 4 p.m. today and the gentleman says "Sir you had requested for an upgrade to 2Mbps unfortunately that offer has ended and you are not be eligible for this offer !!

Now Do they think we are a bunch of ###s ?? I for one never asked for this upgrade, they solicited only to turn out to be Snake-Oil Salemen two weeks later ! This is totally unacceptable and downright obnoxious !

I am posting this just to skin these wolves in sheep's clothing alive ! I for one have vowed to take these unethical marketing devils to task ! I urge every single broadband customer that has been lured with such misleading fake promises.

I will post in all the consumer redressal forums that are out there and annihilate this telephone/broadband operator and won't ever quit until they eat their words and upgrade my account to the promised bandwith without delay ~! The sooner the better or I will be forced to destroy the goodwill factor in the market place by starting a storm of a bone crusher campaign against this blessed company AirTel !! Thank you !

Resolved deactivation of in comming and out going

this is Rajashekar i had brought a new airtel connection of n.o [protected] buit due to some techinical reasons you had deactivated the outgoing of this number and reson has been told that documentry problem i had submited the documents again before one week but til now i had not get the activation of my number i really feel very bad to complain this towards the Airtel please give me the certain help argently my alternate number is [protected]

Resolved ipl crickrt sms

Dear sir
I am not intreasted in any ipl cricket score which disturbs me I dont need your any free service ther is no option to stop on my mobile then you will start deduction. Stop all comercial advertisement calling and sms.
Prakash christopher

calls to airtel numbers from switzerland and from airtel numbers to other numbers in switzerland not happening

Calls from Switzerland to Airtel numbers in India and from Airtel numbers to landline numbers in Switzerland...

Resolved pathetic behaviour of your customer service representative, supervisor, manager

I don't know whether you are going to respond to this mail or not..
I am really very upset and frustrated with the way your customer support Representative deal with the issue.
I am writing this email regarding to the problem i am facing on my number"[protected]"
My sms pack (worth rs. 67) not working from last 6 dayz..
Every time i call either 121 or your so called complained number "198"... either you disconnect my call or you simply tell me it's oing to resolve in 24 hours... It's 6 dayz now..
When ever i am sending a sms the amount is getting deducted from my main balance..
I do have a refrence number"[protected]" this time i spoke with one of the supervisor "Renuka" she was good. she ask me to wait till 24 hous and told me that she is refunding my deducted amount also..
It didn't happen..
Again i called one rep. told me that the problem is resolved..
I send some sms from my number the was again deducted from my mail account..
I was out of town i called 198 number had a word with sup" Piyush" and the So called manager "Mr. Moin Navaz" i requested him to return the deducted balance as i am no way near to any recharge shop..he said that it will take another 24 hours...I again very politely requested him to just return the deducted balance as if there is any trouble as a am on the highway i atleast can call some one...Can you imagine what he said "i am giving you 2 Rs.. so be happy" i mean i was not asking him to give any charity to me. I just wanted my own money thats it...
If this way your managers are going to deal with the customers i don't think i will continue with your services and i will also not going to recommend AIRTELL to any one..
I hope some one is going to take action against this ...

thanks and regards
Rohan Bhave

  • Mo
    Mohith Kumar Nov 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi sir

    I lost my prepaid karnataka sim card.There is a chance to misuse that Sim card.So please block the Simcard.The number of the card is 9945384565


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  • Na
    N Arulkumar Dec 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear All,
    We are stay in Redhills (Interior).Thr Airtell connection is not working in my area but others is working(Aircell, Vodophone) so pls clear this issues and give the good responce.

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  • Ja
    jaslenn singh Dec 31, 2010

    can i get email of last month incoming nd outgoing calls...plz nd thank you.:)
    the no# is (+91)8146149120

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  • Sm
    S.M.THAHA BAFAKYH Jun 03, 2011

    excess charges on international call.called saudi arabia on date 03/06/2011, duration 1.06secs party not answered call charge rupees thirty (rs.30.00).why such exorbitant charges

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Resolved cross connection


I own 2 telephone numbers issued by Airtel. One, is for Delhi and the other for Himachal, registered in the area of Sarahan, Himachal Pradhesh for business.

Just today, I called to check whether my Himachal no. is working fine or not but i was shocked to find the bell ringing and the call being picked up by some other person of the same name at the other end. Now this is bizarre since my personal Himachal number phone was lying in front of me, silent and not ringing at all.

I don't know what the Airtel officials are up to. I dont know if somebody who wants to get in touch with me on my Himachal SIM is talking to the right person or not.

I would like to know the answer for this and maybe a legal procedure which can be followed. I hope it hasn't been issued to someone else by forgery of signature.

Sunil Gupta


please see the complaint all airtel officers,
i'm in india m, gujarat, surat
i'm using airtel's 5 post paid and prepaid connections last 5 years,
and i'm facing network problem last 5 year and i'm continuee complaint for this metter,
before last 5 month it is solve temperarly,
but no permanent solution for this metter,
now faceing some problem in surat like my phone is complite in network but any one call me that time massage r not reachable or swit off
some time totaly tower gone...
only one solution for it just switch off and switch on the mobile,
i'm change my all sim cards and get new card (with pay Rs. 50/-charges)but problem still there,
i'm already change my mobile phone but, ...still troble
any time i'm complaint in customer care
after two days they call me solve yiour probleem
so please airtel officers solve my problem
gaurang patel
yogesh patel
mahesh patel
arvind patel
dhiraj patel
praful parekh
this all six member faceing problem

agar compny kaheti he aapke phone me kharabi he to kya sabhi ko sath me kharab hona he kya?
airtel ke sabhi officero please solve karo ye problem,
5 salse sabko number de ke bethe he,
varna kabke service provider change karliye hote

Resolved disconnection of prepaid service without valid reason and without any warning of cell number:[protected]

Disconnection of Prepaid Service without Valid Reason and without any Warning of Cell Number:[protected]

1. I am a class one gazetted officer of the Indian Air Force. On getting posted to Air Foce Academy, Dundigal, Hyderabad, I purchased a prepaid Airtel sim no: [protected] from a retailer in the campus on 31st Dec 09.

2. I had gone for an important official duty to Coimbatore from 09th Jan 10 to 31 st Jan 10. On 15th Jan 10 my sim got deactivated without any warning like sms or a call from the customer care. Neither could i call anyone nor could i call up the customer care as to what has happened.

3. On finding out the reason for the deactivation from the retailer who had provided the sim to me, he informed that probably the airtel office has rejected the application form stating that the photo I had submitted is not valid.

4. On returning back to Hyderabad, I approached the Airtel Headoffice at Hyderabad and was directed to contact the airtel area manager of my locality for help. On contacting the area manager Mr Vinay, he refused to help me to get my phone activated nor did he get the balance in my mobile, paid back to me.

5. Upon my asking to get my documents pulled out for verification and to find out as to why have they rejected my application, Mr Vinay(Area Manager Airtel) refused to get them from the headoffice of airtel and show them to me.

6. As I mentioned, I am a class one gazetted offiecer of the Indian Air Force and had provided all the necessary documents as asked for with the application. These documents included my photograph in uniform, xerox of my driving license with photograph in uniform and the certificate of my residential address at the place of my posting attested by the Adjutant.

7. Firstly I would like to know first of all as to why have the airtel office has rejected my application stating that my photograph is not valid. And if they have rejected my application why havent they informed me by an sms or a call for the reason of my sim's deactivation.

8. Thirdly, why i am not been shown my own documents with the coments of the Airtel official who has rejected my application.

9. And lastly, the airtel area manager (Mr Vinay) is here for the customer's help and not to harrass them by stating that "If you want to verify your documents, then please get them yourself from the headoffice located at Warangal."

  • Vi
    Vinod.Sharma Jul 11, 2009

    After Calling more than 20 times to customer care still deductions in my account is continue. What? to do hell by having these complaint numbers or to stop my connection

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  • Ra
    rampreetverma Dec 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is ram preet verma i'm regular customer of airtel last 4 years & using airtel no.9958140633 and I am in problem of balance deduction in the name of games download other services. Here is details of balance deduction:
    Mbizgame 12/12/10 rs 50 on 12/12/2017 time 8:20 pm.

    After calling and discussion about balance deduction complains to customer care they registered my complains or not I don't know but again deduct my all balance and provided me automatic service in this term.
    Mitti ke rang rs.30 on 12/12/2017 time 8:39 pm
    Khel khel mein rs 30 on 12/12/2017 time 8:45 pm
    Friendz chat rs 10 on time 8:47 pm
    Airtel live & mms service active 8:52 pm

    In the starting position my balance is 95.95 rs and in last check its become negative rs 5.
    Now when I am trying to contact to complaint section my call is being disconnected purposefully. Please help me to teach the network providers a lesson to value their customers. Please escalate them about this carelessness from customer care representatives and avoid occurance of such problem to common consumer.

    Thank you
    Ram preet verma

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  • Bh
    bhagwan motiram chankapure Feb 15, 2011

    Mobile No. 9766968410 do not disturb service to be activated
    i am many times requested to active do not disturb service but your costomer care center has not congnizance nor any action to be taken. Hence you are once again requested to active do not disturb service.
    Thanking you

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  • Is
    Ishan Ghose Aug 13, 2011

    Unsolicited activation of LKDMP1 scheme and daily charge of Re.1. The service has never been solicited and has been unfairly activated, and money charged. Also, unsolicited activation and money charged for 'Caller tune service'. If such under-hand activities are not stopped instantly, we would be forced to take legal action against Airtel India. (Phone no. not disclosed for privacy)

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Resolved billing malpractice

I have Airtel Broadband connection for last 2 years. I am using unlimited download plan for last 2 years. On Dec 28, I asked Airtel to disconnect my broadband higher rates. But I decided to continue with Airtel to avoid major discomfort with new operator. On Jan 4, I received a call from Airtel that my plan has changed to Rs 250 with limited download. I clearly told them that I am not intrested in any change in plan and would like to continue with existing plan of Rs. 799. They agreed on this.

In Februray, I received a bill of Rs 6637 with Internet charges of 5900. After my multiple discussion with Airtel, they agreed their mistake ans asked me to pay Rs. 1300. They told me that I have been moved to my original plan of rs. 799 and future bills will be based on this.

This month, I have received a bill with DSL charges of Rs. 2237. Airtel has charged for 10 days on my changed plan for 20 days on unlimited download plan.

When I call their call centre, they adamently told me that I had accepted the plan and their executives have mentioned internally some comments that I had accepted this billing. They have given me discount and their is no error from my side.

They said, they do not care for any authorities and I can go to any court / tribunals to settle. The billing executive named "Vinod" from Bangalore attended my call.

de-activated lifetime connection.

I have been used a mobile connection provided by Bharati-airtel with lifetime validity, my mobile number is +[protected].
From 27/02/10 I couldnot connec my mobile and a error message showing sim card registration failed. I contacted with customer care and nodal officer of But no reply received till now. Please help me to re-activate my mobile connection. Bharati-Airtel Cheating Indian Mobile Customer.
RamKrishna Bhattacharya
1262/2, North-East Colony.
P.O.-Bilaspur R.S.
Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. India.

  • sifoisbsp Mar 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Contact Details :
    Mobile: +919752876927
    E-Mail: [email protected]

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  • sifoisbsp May 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Where is Mr. Akhilesh, Airtel Cutomer Service Team, I have posted my contact mobile no-+919752876927 and email address : [email protected] 45 days ago. Still no reply received from Airtel India. i.e. proved that, how airtel customer service responsed with the customer in India.


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Resolved complain of bad using through mobile

To the Airtel Bihar customer care and services chain of command,

I would like to inform you that I am having big problem with below listed mobile no., last two days they call for gift recharging after recharging i connect with this person he talk to me an abuse and bad language. if it is possible please send me their name and location on my given email id.

Here is the no. [protected]

Waiting for your prompt response on the matter, your response will be highly appreciated

Thanks & regards

complain of bad using through mobile

Resolved no proper net wok

Net work is not getting. No incomming calls in most of the times. I could not able to get income calls. People complaining that my cell number not responding to receive calls

undue charges

Dear sir /madam

I want to draw your attention towards the concern which I have against the phone bill of Airtel No 011-[protected] account no [protected].
The connection was installed at 8012 D-8 Vasant Kunj New Delhi -110070, since I shifted from that place I had given request for the transfer of the connection to the new address on 21-08-2009
At first I was told that it would be done in 7 working days.
After 10-12 days I got a call from your end stating that there was no connection available at the address therefore would have to wait for a few more days as there was probability of getting the connection there. They also confirmed that there wouldn’t be any rental charges till the time the connection is not installed or which I agreed but the connection was never installed
Finally the connection was terminated on 7th Dec 2009 only after only my regular follow up with the customer care and there is a bill pending on my account for the rental for September October and November 2009
Even after so much of follow up this bill amount is not being waived off even after several assurances from the customer care
Secondly there is no follow up from their (airtel) end and when I call back to know the status of the query all I get to hear is that we tried to contact but I did not take the call which is never the case and in such scenarios why have never send the mail or sms to contact mewhich i have been asking them to do since begining
my concern is why am i made to pay when i am not liable and the delay has just been because of their incompetence.
i have been following up with the customer care via phone for almost 6 months now and all i get is new reference no

First Transfer request given on 21 August 2009
Termination initiated from your end 9th Sep 2009
Final termination of connection on 7th Dec 2009
Amount pending on my account Rs 907.00 rental for September October and November2009
A few request nos for one single issue [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]
Majid Manzoor