Airport Bus Expressyoung driver was rude and inferred I was t disabled by saying I could be lying

M Jan 15, 2020

I asked driver to carry both my lightweight small bags on coach and was told by him that he would only put on luggage area. I explained I was disabled and needed them and that I wanted to sit at the front on disabled seats if available.

He then said ‘you can't sit there' I think at that point he didn't quite hear what I said but what was shocking was that when I repeated it he shrugged his shoulders.

I then asked "do you want proof?" He said "yes, because you could be lying" I then turned to the ticket collector and asked him to be a witness to this behaviour, and asked the drivers name. The ticket collector said that there were "so many drivers, he didn't know their names" this response has now escalated to me making a complaint and I told the ticket collector this.

I then found my disabled proof card and showed the ticket collector to show the driver. When he did so, the driver said "Now I believe it" but did not come and apologise. He then came on to the coach and asked me if he could take both of the bags from me as he was afraid that if the coach brakes they would move. I said I would give him one as the other one contained valuables and medication. His response was "Unbelievable".

I do not know what else to say as I am disappointed by the denial of the ticket collector to assist me by revealing the identity of the driver.

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