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Bought these on Saturday 7-27-19 and plugged them in 5 different locations over the house. Within the hour I was sneezing and had a itchy cough and eye irritation . I chalked it up to doing yard work earlier that afternoon. Woke Sunday morning - with headache, sniffles, and deep itchy cough and light mucous and scratchy throat and big time eye watering and burning and... my scalp was itchy and had a small rash on it .. I thought weird. Sunday evening ( right now) I noticed that everywhere the scent was super strong and the closer I got the more my head hurt and my eye were burning and watering and my cough hurt my chest and throat when I coughed ... I immediately went around and unplugged the plug ins and took Benadryl. My eye stopped burning within just a few minutes. And my cough has subsided slightly. I never had issue with Glade products ... but last time I bought air wick I rem having same issue but blew it off as a cold. Now I know it's not a cold but a reaction. My poor. Arts and dogs. Can you imagine what their sensitive noses are going thru?!!! Never again

Jul 29, 2019
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  • Jo
      Sep 23, 2019

    I’m generally sensitive to smells and scents, and walking by the perfume and makeup counters in dept stores tend to irritate my nose and eyes. Anyway, I do use spray air fresheners and scented candles, especially when cooking, but they haven’t really caused irritation.
    I bought the plugins 9/14/19 since they're made with “essential” oils and they are continuous and last a while. Sadly, I get the same reaction when waking through a dept store- irritated nose, throat and eyes, and now headaches in the front part of my head, and I have it on the lowest setting.
    I’ve unplugged it and plugged it back in several times the past week with the same results.
    Guessing this isn’t the right product for me. Wasted my money. Anyone tried the Febreeze plugin version?

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