Air China / I am complaining about a flight delay and its consequences


Date of incident: 04.13.2019
Flight number: ca183 from beijung to tokyo

The plain was supposed to take off at 5.10 pm, but there was more than two hours delay. The departure was postponed to 7.30 pm, but there was even more delay around 30 minutes. So, we landed at 11.54 pm instead of 9.30 pm in tokyo local time.

We missed the last train to our accomodation, for which we had paid earlier.
We had two options, either stay at the airport or pay for the taxi.
At the haneda airport the air china co-worker denied that the delay was the fault of air china, she said it was because of an air traffic controller problem. But only our plane was late... How come???
We stayed at the airport which was a disaster after flying from budapest to beijing and then there waiting for 8 hours.

Many thanks in advance,
Dorottya bara

Air China
Air China

Apr 15, 2019

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