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Do not use them. It is a fraud outfit that will take your money and run. Every $ that you pay is a $ down a black hole. Here is what happened to us. They moved us from Dubai to California (Burlingame). They have not honored any of their commitment when they delivered. We paid a lot of money for a turn key service where when they deliver, they would unload, unpack, assemble (anything that they dismantled) and get rid of the debris. They only unloaded. They left us with more than 80 un-opened boxes and most of our furniture dismantled. Of course we could not stay in our home for another 3 days as we had to find someone to hire to help in the assembly, unpacking and getting rid of the debris which are services I already paid AGS for. However, it seems that their subcontractor (Schumacher) did not deliver on their contract (a thief stealing from a thief), so instead of helping us, they 1st kept saying that they needed to talk with their subcontractor and then they said that their sales person made a mistake when they promised to provide these services. Before signing their quote, I specifically asked their sales person: "In exclusion, you indicated 'reassembly which requires 3rd party'.  If you are able to take it apart in Dubai, then I should’t be responsible if the other side is incapable of assembling it, right?". The sales person reply was "Yes, all items dismantled in Dubai will be reassembled at the destination". Can it be any clearer? According to AGS, whatever they promise in writing could be a mistake if they decide not to do it. In addition, many pieces were damaged. I filled my claim 2 weeks ago and I have heard absolutely nothing from them regarding the claim (another black hole). In addition, their quality of packing was very very poor. All of my hanged clothing ended at the bottom of the box and beyond recognition. Now I am trying to take legal action against them in Dubai while I am in California. I don't have high hopes as I know I was robbed by these frauds and the sad part is that they will do it again to others. You should never ever ever do business with this outfit of frauds and liars.

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Aug 08, 2017 4:11 am EDT

We had the exact same problem (although some years ago) when we used AGS to move from Dubai to Toronto. I spent almost 3 years following up with AGS regarding paying for items that were damaged during shipping. I had paid insurance premium on the valuable items based on valuations provided by me - no one from AGS asked me to provide receipts etc to back up the valuations. At that time AGS was more than happy to apply a percentage insurance premium and charge me for the same. However, when I made a claim against items that had been damaged during shipping (verified by AGS' agent in Canada) I was given the run around. My claim process took more than 2 years and yet my claim was not honoured. I even filed an official complaint with the Dubai authorities who told me to approach the DMCC authorities (AGS is a DMCC registered company). Needless to say, I NEVER received any compensation nor did AGS intervene or offer a solution. Totally unprofessional bunch of liars. Pay extra but use a reputed firm, these guys are crooks.


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