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I recently had the unfortunate experience of dealing with, and I must say that their customer service and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are absolutely terrible. It has been an incredibly frustrating and time-consuming process, with little to no progress made in resolving my issue.

I initially contacted Afrihost to migrate my internet services from Telkom to their fiber package. Little did I know that this would turn into a complete nightmare. It has been over 15 days since I placed my order, and the issue still remains unresolved.

Throughout this ordeal, I had the opportunity to speak with a total of 15 consultants, and I can confidently say that only three of them made a genuine effort to help resolve my issue. The rest seemed utterly useless and lacked any sense of urgency or professionalism. It's disheartening to encounter such apathy from a company that claims to prioritize customer satisfaction.

One of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with has been their inconsistency with time frames. I was given multiple different time frames for when my issue would be resolved, but none of them were accurate. It seems like they have no regard for keeping their promises or respecting their customers' time. This lack of transparency and reliability only adds to the frustration and disappointment.

Furthermore, the lack of progress made in resolving my issue reflects poorly on Afrihost's SOPs. It appears that their internal processes are severely flawed and ineffective. There is a clear disconnect between the consultants, resulting in a lack of coordination and a failure to provide a satisfactory solution. It is evident that Afrihost needs to reevaluate and improve their SOPs to ensure a smoother and more efficient customer experience.

Overall, my experience with has been extremely disappointing. The lackluster customer service, unreliable time frames, and inefficient SOPs have made this a truly frustrating ordeal. I strongly advise anyone considering their services to think twice and explore other options. Afrihost has failed to meet even the most basic expectations of customer service, and I cannot recommend them based on my experience.

Attention: [protected] , if this is the level of support everyone with connectivity issues will have to deal then your company will soon have the reputation of Telkom and Eskom.


I have been struggling with Afrihost from 13 May 2023 - 22 June 2023. My internet was connected for 19, 20 and until 9pm 21 June, so 2 and a half days of internet, I've now had the horrific experience of chatting to over 20 Consultants and wasted around 40 hours standing at the router, taking pictures they request, changing settings, resetting devices, plugging cables in and out, buying new LAN cables and more. Nothing but issue after issue after issue after issue and the delay after delay after delay. Worst company I've dealt with in 37 years and that says a a lot as I have been scammed by fake companies and triple charged for services and more. But the amount of time I have wasted on them is the worst. Spending 2-5 hours on chats that get me nowhere, and now I have to wait another 72 hours because they lost connection of the B Number.