Aflac / short term disability refund request

United States

I was basically scammed out of over 900+ dollars for a policy that I can not use. And will never be able to use due to me not planning on returning to work ever. Basically I was advised by not 1 but 2 Aflac affiliates that I could keep the policy and use the policy but in fact im not. I requested a refund request from the day I stopped working in Jan 2018 as I have not used or filed any claims and was advised by phone today they sent me a check for $125. This request took over a month and still had not been completed the day I called over the 30 day mark that I was advised it would take. The customer service rep said she pushed it through but I'm not sure how they decided to only give me 125 out 900. It just doesn't seem right that their own ppl don't know their policy rules and can give incorrect information and basically scam ppl out of money. I specifically scheduled a meeting when I was leaving my job with the rep to ensure something like this happened and was advised I could keep the policy for future use and that it would just b based off of my current pay. I then was advised again by their customer service that I could keep this policy but couldn't keep my other policy. I made it very clear I was leaving to my employer to stay at home with my baby. I was looking forward to that money to take care of my child's necessities that I could not afford and instead of telling me I could keep it the policy but wouldn't b able to use it and give me the option of giving them money I could have saved for my child they took it. Sound like a scam to me and now I'm stuck with no claim money and premiums down the drain. I really can't believe this I really truly thought this company was honorable.

May 15, 2019

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