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I was at IMH this morning. While doing a favour by returning a misplaced bicycle to the security counter but was misunderstood by 2 young aetos security officers for a bicycle thief. Apparently the guards leave their unlocked bicycles lying everywhere in a mental hospital. Common practice for the guards. I drove to IMH for visitation that morning. Unable to have my explanation accepted and security officers behaving aggressively and unprofessionally, I walked away to avoid the heat. The 2 security officers joined by other aetos officers suddenly pinned my down to the floor and started raining blows to my head, back and body. I was arm triangle choked and my fingers were forcefully twisted. My cries for help and for the guard to stop was ignored by guards and IMH staff. They stopped only when I nearly passed out. I was handcuffed and tied to a bed against my will and my belongings were withheld from me. SECURITY Guards They tried to access my phone without authorisation. I was released only when police arrived and sent to hospital for x ray. Probably 1st in singapore. No security officers have the authority to physically restrain anybody or hold anyone against their will let alone injure an unarmed and unaggressive person. aetos security guards are clueless... very scary. Strongly strongly not recommend. I called in that afternoon to Aetos and IMH. No call backs nothing. Also visited IMH, quality service manager disappeared. Aetos security guards continued dodging and responding rudely. No apologies were made. Aetos hotline is unresponsive and hung up the call few times during transfers.

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