Aeropostalesales person

D Aug 17, 2018

Hello, I am writing to inform you of an unhappy experience I just had at your store in Emerald square mall in North Attleborough Massachusetts. I went into the store to exchange 2 pairs of joggers for a bigger size. I had to find them myself since the employees were nowhere to be found. After finding them I waited at the register for 10 minutes while the employee spoke to a lady who im assuming was her friend by the personal conversation they were having. Once she finally came to the register she was annoyed that I was doing an exchange. She proceded to take her sweet time looking at the tags and receipt. While putting everything in the system she continued to speak with her friend by standing on her tippy toes and looking over my head. Now the other employee came up and they proceed to talk about her upcoming vacation! The girl finally finished my exchanged, she shoved everything into my bag and pushed the bag towards me. Thank you were the only words she uttered towards me. All in all it took me 30 minutes in the store to do an exchange! I will no longer shop at this store.

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