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M Nov 13, 2019

I called Aeroplan for some clarification of missing air miles. The gentleman on the phone was not friendly at all. But that is not even my concern, I asked to put in my missing miles from last November to which he replied that it was not possible since the policy was for 11 months ( I may have missed that because I remember it being one year). Anywho, I asked for a written/email copy of that statement for which I was on hold for over an hour!!! I am attaching a picture of the call which I am still on. It is ridiculous that an agent is unable to find a statement that he believes whole heartedly to be true or he was messing with me. I understand your calls are recorded and I urge you to go look into the call made on November 13th around 10:20 Egypt time.

customer service

  • Updated by Mehwishjawaid · Nov 13, 2019

    So this individuals mans name is KOJA I believe. I am again on hold because I simply asked him to speak to his manager. He wanted to know why and said he needed to have a reason to transfer me to the manager. He than immediately said he had my answer to which I replied I had already found it while I waited for him to return to the phone. He said there is a wait and he doesn’t know how long I’d have to wait to speak to the manager. So here I am, 1 hour 43 mins into dialing to solve a simple matter!!!

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